Most Unique and Unusual Websites on the Web Most Unique and Unusual Websites on the Web

12 Most Unique and Unusual Websites on the Web

See this collection of interesting unusual, peculiar and unique websites that are going to make you feel curious and get stuck while browsing each of them. Find great comics, coolest books and movies, nice games and apps, useful services, and much more.

Do Nothing for 2 Minutes

This website offers you to listen to the sound of waves and relax for 2 minutes. You just launch the timer and relax. After that, you can start it over again.

Have I Been Pwned

This site allows learning if your email has been pwned. You just enter the email address into the search bar and click ‘pwned?’ to get the results. The service also helps to generate secure passwords for your accounts, and get the advice on how to protect your email.


Watch the fullscreen puppy gifs or add a high-quality gif and mp4 puppies through GitHub.

A Good Movie to Watch

This website offers a tremendous bundle of good movies to watch. You can find the movies from Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon, watch trailers and then buy the subscription on the chosen resource to watch the movies you like.

The Odd 1s Out

Here you’ll find a good collection of funny and witty comics starting from 2012 and up to 2017. You’ll also find a shop where you can buy baseball caps, toys, games, t-shirts, school supplies, and more goods with characters from the comics.

Wait But Why

This is a blog with a lot of short stories, author’s publications, and different posts. You can donate for the website’s development and subscribe for new posts to get them by email.

This is My Website Now

Here you’ll find small apps and games you can play right in your browser. This is a good tool to kill your time.

The Oatmeal

This is a good site of comics and books. Here you can watch free comics or buy funny books with cartoon pictures for very small prices.


This is the site where you can listen to the songs that have been forgotten on Spotify.


This is the genie able to guess any object, animal or character you think of. Just choose the subject, answer the inducing questions and get the results.

Pixel Thoughts

Here is the site where you can put a stressful thought in the star and click the ‘Done’ button to see how the star flies further in the space until you see it very far away.

How Stuff Works

This is an encyclopedia-like website where you can find an article on any material, residue, matter, phenomenon, or anything else explained.

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