Restaurant Cafe and Dining WordPress Themes for Gourmets and Cooks Restaurant Cafe and Dining WordPress Themes for Gourmets and Cooks

15 Restaurant, Cafe and Dining WordPress Themes for Gourmets and Cooks

Every restaurant, cafe, pizza hut, coffee house, bistro, bakery, or other public catering institution requires professional promotion and of course a well-organized online presence. Whether you own a cafe or you just wish to launch your recipes website, you need to think of an attractive design to engage your customers visually and great content to make them stay.

We’ve collected the following cafe and restaurant-oriented WordPress themes to meet your various needs concerning your debut website creation or your existing website revamping. You will find the most carefully designed and feature-rich themes which are sure to come in handy for your online presence.

Tastyc – Restaurant WordPress Theme

Tastyc - Restaurant WordPress Theme

Most modern restaurants create websites with online reservation and table booking functionality. This helps customers book tables online without spending time searching the restaurant’s physical address. Such functionality allows you to choose the number and location of a table as well as define the time and date of your predicted visit.

Tastyc is a restaurant WordPress theme available with 3 homepage styles and a number of functional pages you can easily edit and customize to your needs. The theme is based on the Elementor front-end drag-and-drop page builder +35 custom widgets; supports WooCommerce shop functionality, WPML translation plugin support, Bootstrap framework options, Contact Form 7, and many more features.

Thalassa – Seafood Restaurant Theme

Thalassa - Seafood Restaurant Theme

The restaurant, as we know it today, a place where people come to eat, drink and socialize, is credited to the French Revolution. The idea of selling food for profit goes back as far as the earliest civilization. It’s no coincidence that the growth of restaurants through history correlates with the growth of cities. The need for public eateries was firmly established as far back as the Roman Empire and Ancient China. In Europe through the Middle Ages and into the Renaissance, taverns, and inns continued to be the main place to buy a prepared meal.

Thalassa is a seafood restaurant WordPress theme available with 4 homepage layouts including main, restaurant grid, seafood bar, and coming soon. The theme comes with a number of functional pages, supports both Elementor and WPBakery drag-and-drop page builders, WPML translation support, Slider Revolution, Contact Form 7, Child theme included, and more features.

Nightromance – Restaurant WordPress Theme

Modern restaurants can be traced back to the 18th century and the French Revolution. Displaced chefs from aristocratic households set the precedent of private dining, a la carte menus, and gourmet food, marking the rise of fine dining. The 19th century brought huge changes in travel, connecting cities by railway, increasing tourism travel, helping establish luxury dining destinations in Europe and abroad. The 20th century made restaurants evolve into the familiar brands we see today.

Nightromance is a restaurant WordPress theme that comes with 2 homepage layouts, integrates with WPBakery drag-and-drop page builder with Ultimate Addons, Revolution Slider, easy color management, Google font support 600+, sticky menu, Isotope support in a portfolio, custom photo galleries with animation, MailChimp support, child theme included, and many more features.

Taqueria – Food Truck & Restaurant Theme

Online recipe websites stay popular on the Web for years, and it’s as it should be. If you’ve got no idea what to cook for breakfast or dinner, you can just visit a recipe website and find that very dish you were looking for. Moreover, you will be able to find a list of ingredients and a step-by-step description of the cooking process. Such websites help people develop their cooking and creative skills and create some kind of art when they make food.

Taqueria is a restaurant-focused WP theme suitable for pizza houses and cafes websites, recipe writers, individual blogs, or other related sites. The theme is also suitable for any business related to food and cooking. It is completely responsive and renders smoothly on any device and screen resolution. It comes with Elementor drag-and-drop front-nd page builder, WooCommerce support, unlimited colors, translation-ready compatibility, sticky header, mega menus, and many more features.

Restory – Restaurant & Cafe WordPress Theme

It’s not that easy to surprise modern customers when it comes to opening a restaurant with exquisite cuisine and a charming interior. Some restaurant owners try to impress clients with unusual dishes, live concerts of famous musicians and singers, original gifts for every extra dollar spent for an additional order, and more tricks. Start by creating a stunning website and impress your future customers today.

Restory is an elegant and trendy WordPress theme for creating a luxury restaurant or café. The theme comes with a clean and minimalist design based on the Bootstrap framework. You will see beautiful parallax sections, smooth CSS3 animations, font awesome icons, and many more attractive visual features. Plugins like WPBakery page builder and Revolution Slider, a powerful admin panel, and more features are available.

Livekitchen | Restaurant Cafe WordPress Theme

Every nation with its own culture and traditions has its own cuisine and its own traditional dishes. We all know Indian, Italian, European, Japanese, and many more cuisines with their specific recipes, seasoning, and types of cooking. All of us remember pizza when we speak of Italia, borsch when we speak of Ukraine, or sushi if we talk of Japan, and those dishes we consider to be universal and popular in the restaurants of almost every country.

Livekitchen is a clean and modern restaurant WordPress theme available for any food-related business. The theme is built using the latest WordPress technology and comes with a fully responsive layout that looks great on any device. The theme has an easy-to-use keynote-like interface and comes with a drag-and-drop page builder which is extremely intuitive and simple to use even for a newbie without any coding knowledge.

Gastro – Multipurpose Cafe & Restaurant WordPress Theme

Cooking is considered to be art, technology, and craft of preparing food with the help of heat or without it. Being able to cook well is a useful skill both for professionals and amateurs. Cooking professionals become chiefs of globally recognized restaurants and surprise celebrities with their cooking masterpieces. Amateurs in their turn cook for themselves and make cooking their hobby which helps to make their closest people, friends, and relatives happy.

Gastro is a versatile, feature-rich, and multipurpose WordPress theme deliberately designed to fit every aspect of the cafe, restaurant, and food-blog websites. The theme comes with a fully responsive and retina-ready layout and looks awesomely on any screen resolution. Online reservation functionality is available for the theme as well as a food menu and a recipe template for food blogging. The theme gives you infinite possibilities of creating a website as it features 40+ basic elements that are the foundation of any website.

Cinnamon Restaurant Theme for WordPress

Except for posh restaurants, people really love fast-food cafes. All of those French fries, hamburgers, chicken rolls, huge ice-creams, and other tasty and relatively cheap dishes are beloved by people from every country across the globe. The same can be said about grill-houses with grilled meat, coffee houses where roasted coffee beans are ground to transform into a flavorous beverage, and pizza houses where fresh and charqued meat, vegetables, sauces, and mushrooms are baked on a thin crust pizza dough.

Cinnamon is a WordPress theme that is sure to suit either a restaurant, café, pizzeria, bakery, fast-food café, and more. The theme supports OpenTable integration and email form for getting in touch with your customers. A number of readymade widgets and a lot of modules are integrated into a user-friendly drag-and-drop page builder. Food and events post types come with the theme as the bundled plugins and a lot of other post types are available for creating any kind of content with ease.

Food Delicieux | Creative Restaurant WordPress Theme

Many restaurants around the world offer European cuisine dishes to their clients. These dishes include recipes from France, Italy, Bulgaria, Greece, and many more countries. If we speak of Greek dishes we would remember an oven-baked casserole of layered eggplant and spiced meat filling topped with a creamy béchamel. If we think of Italian food, it goes without saying that pasta, ravioli, spaghetti, and pizza are considered to be traditional dishes there.

Every cuisine has its own peculiarities and differences that make it unique and special. This WordPress theme is also an exclusive piece of coding and design art available for your restaurant website. The theme has a modern layout based on fullscreen colorful designs. It comes with booking and table management functionality so it is great for customers’ comfort. No coding knowledge is required to modify every page of this theme and create your most unique website ever.

Gulash – Delicious Restaurant & Coffee Theme

Vegetarian and vegans are a widespread tendency today, but many people still love meat and can’t imagine their daily menu without meat dishes. A cheesy beef goulash recipe is a family favorite dish and a very simple, delicious, and perfect variant of dinner on any day of the week. It includes macaroni with stewed meat, tomato sauce, garlic, soy sauce, salt, and seasoning. This dish is very easy to cook and this is an appropriate dish for a daily meal.

Gulash is a modern and unique WordPress theme suitable for any public catering, fast food, restaurant, recipes, bistro, or winery website. The theme includes all required layouts for creating a gallery, running a blog, publishing events and online reservation forms, introducing a team, and more. The theme is fully functional and it has got all features required for starting your full-fledged website in a matter of minutes and with no coding skills at all.

Milan: Restaurant WordPress Theme

If we speak of vegan restaurants, let’s remember that there are lots of such public catering institutions across the globe. When being a vegetarian is your lifestyle you can visit such place and never worry about what is your food is made from, only plant and vegetable food are offered there. You will never feel like a weirdo for ordering food without animal products because this restaurant is focused just on the needs of vegans and vegetarians, all dishes are made especially to meet your tastes.

Milan is a great variant of a WP theme that can be transformed into any restaurant website, and a vegetarian restaurant is no exception. The theme includes a bunch of web-page layouts and such pages as Hot Offer, Set Menu, Team, Service, and many more ones are available. The theme is designed to comply with requirements and all the latest trends of web design. It comes with an advanced admin panel, wide and boxed layouts, custom widgets, various post formats as well as many more features and advantages.

Kudil | Restaurant & Food Delivery

Do you like Japanese food? The traditional Japanese food is based on rice with miso soup, sushi, and other well-known dishes for almost every country inhabitant. Restaurants in Japan range from mobile food stands to centuries-old ryotei, atmospheric drinking places, seasonally erected terraces over rivers, cheap chain shops, and unique theme restaurants about ninja and robots. Many restaurants are specialized in a single type of dish, while others offer a variety of dishes.

This restaurant WordPress theme will suit both a Japanese restaurant or any café with European or Asian cuisine. The theme comes with WPBakery page builder which makes it extremely intuitive and simple to use, even if you haven’t got any coding knowledge. Ultimate Addons make it especially easy to edit. Events Calendar, super clean responsive design, Live Customizer integration, and powerful theme options make this theme a perfect choice.

Dina – Restaurant Cafe Food Theme

Why do so many people love cafes? Maybe cafes offer a feeling of home away from home? We tend to associate both coziness and gentle stimulation with the cafe environment. For travelers, a cafe is one of the few places they can park themselves for a while to take a break and regroup when they are away from their hotel. In our everyday life, we meet our friends or take our work in the cafe. Even if we go there alone, there is something comforting about sitting at a cafe with no obligation to greet strangers.

Dina is a modern, clean and minimal café and restaurant WordPress theme which is the best solution for cafes, restaurants, bars, pubs, bakeries, bistros, and any food-oriented business. The theme is easy to use and comes with everything you need to launch and manage your restaurant website. It includes food menu templates, reservation OpenTable, galleries, blog page layouts, team templates, unlimited color options, and more.

Pizzetta – Pizza, Cafe and Restaurant WordPress Theme

Making your own pizza is one of the ultimate cooking experiences. No matter how misshapen, over-sauced or charred it comes out, it will always be in a different league to what you can pick up from a takeout pizza chain. Your hands have been in the dough. They’ve stretched it, torn it, and reworked it. They’ve spread the sauce, tore the mozzarella, meat, onions, and olives, and they slid it all into the oven. It almost doesn’t matter how it comes out!

Pizzetta is a great responsive WordPress theme suitable for pizza houses, bistros, cafes, food and drink stores, and more related facilities. The theme comes with flexible settings, premium modules, a lot of amazing features, and fast support as its good advantage. The theme comes with multiple features including Content Composer, custom shortcodes, form builder, custom post types, color management, Layer Slider, and Revolution Slider.

Food Haus Restaurant & Bistro

Food Haus is a WordPress theme exclusively built for restaurant, bar, cafe & tavern websites. It is fully responsive, retina-ready, and easy to customize. Food Haus offers a comprehensive options panel, unique page transitions, and distinctive typography as well as a customizable quote calculator. It includes an easy-to-use and fast page builder.

No matter what you want to show, you will find Food Haus’s features to be the perfect fit for all types of restaurants, bars, cafes & taverns. The theme is tailored for serving food and drink business like a bar, cafeteria, coffee shop, diner, dining room, inn, saloon, canteen, chophouse, eatery, grill, lunchroom, pizzeria, cafe, doughnut shop, eating house, eating place, luncheonette or nightclub.


We will keep up providing you with the best hand-picked theme collections for your various business and personal needs and your ever-evolving tastes. Hope you like them.