VPN Providers to Stay Unidentified VPN Providers to Stay Unidentified

Best VPN Providers to Stay Unidentified

We’ve been recently talking on how to stay incognito on the Web, so we mentioned VPN service to be used for this purpose. VPN is a private Internet connection which includes a number of shared or public networks. Your connection is routed through a server to hide your actions online.

You just have to launch a VPN client from your chosen VPN service provider and this software will encrypt data that will go to the VPN and from the VPN server to your destination on the Web.

So the online destination sees your credentials as the ones that come from the VPN server and its actual location, but your real location and your PC information are hidden.

In this post we’ve collected a bunch of best VPN providers which will definitely help you stay unrecognized and anonymous on the Web.


This VPN service provider offers both military-grade encryption, CyberSec (to block ads and malware) and DoubleVPN encryption. It also has VPN apps developed for macOS, Linux, Android, Windows, Chrome, and more software types.


This provider introduces itself as a high-speed and ultra secure solution which is instantly installed and simple to use. It also offers the apps for Mac, Windows and Linux as well as extensions for Chrome, Firefox and Safari.


This is another VPN service provider which will help you hide your IP, access restricted websites in your location, make safe online transactions, block malicious content, encrypt your Internet connection and protect your devices.


This is another VPN provider which promises you will stay private and enjoy your Web connection together with great browsing speed. If usually using VPN makes us sacrifice the performance, this provider states you will get both anonymity and speed.


A great Internet privacy and freedom provider which makes it easy to connect to different websites without being recognized. The provider also offers apps for Android, Windows, Mac, Blackphone, iOS, and more.

Private Internet Access

This is a VPN provider which comes with a number of features including P2P support, secure account, 5 devices simultaneously, encrypted WiFi, instant setup, no traffic logs (as any VPN), unlimited bandwidth, and much more.


This is also a good VPN provider which will help you surf the Web anonymously, stop your Internet service provider from monitoring your online activity and encrypt your internet traffic to protect your privacy. It has 128 fast servers in 80 zones across the globe.


This is also a good VPN provider which promises freedom of Internet surfing as well as fast internet connection while browsing the Web. It also offers the apps for Android, iOS, Windows, Windows Phone, Linux, and more.

Hope this bundle of providers will be a flotation ring for those who want to find the best VPN provider and encrypt their Web surfing not sacrificing browsing speed.