Laundry and Dry Cleaning WordPress Themes for Washing Houses and Related Businesses Laundry and Dry Cleaning WordPress Themes for Washing Houses and Related Businesses

Laundry and Dry Cleaning WordPress Themes for Washing Houses and Related Businesses

The following collection of WordPress themes is intended for laundromats, dry-cleaning businesses, leather cleaning, janitorial services, clothes repair, and many more related services promotion. Most of the themes come with a selection of homepage templates, WooCommerce compatibility, online appointment booking, and cost calculation functionalities, and of course the translation-ready support. So check them out and take your best one!

GoWash | Dry Cleaning & Laundry Service WordPress Theme

We all do laundry very often, we use washing machines with a special detergent or we do laundry by hand. So what are some of the mistakes we make while doing laundry? If you’ve got a stain on your favorite shirt you probably rub it furiously before putting in the washing machine. As a matter of fact, it’s better not to do this ‘cause you run into a risk to wear away the fabric or make the stain look even worse.

Don’t waste your time for searching an appropriate design for your website, take this WP theme right away. This is a modern and functional WordPress theme quite appropriate for dry cleaning and laundry services including ironing, repairs, pick-up and delivery, leather cleaning, and more. The theme comes integrated with WPBakery page builder, WooCommerce support, PO Composer, Essential Grid, Revolution Slider, and many more features and plugins.

Laundry | Dry Cleaning & Laundry WordPress Theme RTL

Do you know why it is wrong to use too much detergent while doing laundry in the washing machine? Excess foam and suds will hold dirt pulled from clothes and get it caught in areas that won’t always rinse clean including such as an area under the collar. This will lead to bacteria buildup. That’s why it’s better to use half amount of the detergent from that you usually use.

Don’t be afraid to make too engaging site and become too attractive for your target customers, this WordPress theme is here to meet your needs. This is a laundry and dry cleaning WordPress theme which comes with all layout ready design, easy customization, Redux framework options panel, Revolution Slider and WPBakery page builder plugins integration, responsive layout, and many more features which will help you create perfect promotional website for your laundry business.

Laundry City | Dry Cleaning & Laundry Services WordPress Theme

One more wide-spread mistake of everyone using washing machines is changing the order of putting the clothes, pouring soap and water. It’s better not to add clothes after water in a top-loading machine because the clothes can float. So it’s better to add clothes first, then water and only after that – add the soap.

A modern and functional WordPress theme which will best suit for laundromat, launderette, leather cleaning, drying, ironing, and other related business websites. The theme comes complemented with multiple features including the integration of WPBakery page builder, WPML support for creating translation ready websites, Mailchimp, Essential Grid, Slider Revolution, and more. Check it out!

Be Clean – Cleaning Company, Maid Service & Laundry WordPress Theme

Some clothes have the dry clean label, so they are mostly forbidden to wash in a traditional way with soap and water. However, some items are possible to wash with hands if they mostly include natural fibers like silk and linen. Such fibers as leather, suede, and some others would better to only dry-clean and never wash even with hands.

Look at this cleaning company and maid services WordPress theme which will suit for dry cleaning and laundry businesses wishing to introduce their washing possibilities and quality of their work. As the theme is compatible with WooCommerce, it is possible to use it for selling laundry and cleaning related goods online. The cleaning cost calculator is available here to allow for easy calculations of each service’s price. Many more features are also available.

Dry Cleaning | Laundry, Washing, Ironing Theme

If you wash clothes with zippers together with other clothes, never zip them all the way to the top. If the zipper is made of metal, its teeth can tear the delicate clothing which is washed in the same load. Did you know that earlier?

Well, you can take this WP theme to inform your users on laundry, washing and dry cleaning tips or just promote your laundry business. So you can promote your curtains and drapery cleaning services, stain removal, alteration and restoration of dresses, suits, jackets, and other related services. Such plugins as Contact Form 7, WooCommerce, Event Calendar, Layer Slider, Google maps, WPBakery page builder, and many others come built into the theme.

Invory – Pool, Cleaning, Laundry, Construction, Travel WordPress Theme

If you’ve got some shirts with buttons, don’t wash them all buttoned up. This can tear and stress the buttonholes and buttons themselves, so the clothes will be spoiled. Try to unbutton all the shirts before washing them in the machine. See the following WordPress theme which comes with a lot of website design possibilities unbuttoned.

It is available not only for cleaning and laundry services but also suits for pool maintenance and construction businesses. It includes 6 homepage layouts, 8 color options, WPML support, Revolution Slider, a visual drag-and-drop page builder, the latest WooCommerce compatibility, a Redux options panel, unlimited colors & backgrounds, shortcode generator for columns, buttons, toggles, and tabs as well as many more features.

CleanMate – Cleaning Company Maid Gardening WordPress Theme

If you use bleach when washing white clothes, you hope to make it look like new and make it snowy white. But sometimes bleach can be destroying for the cloth. If you want to remove the protein stains like the ones from sweat or blood, bleach will be either useless. In this case, it’s better to boil the clothes in water with a few slices of lemon for a few minutes. Well, it’s time to make your business bleach.

This WP theme is for those who want to promote the cleaning services for apartments, offices, or gardens. Maid, laundry, handyman, and other related services providers can also take this theme for introducing their businesses. The template comes with a few homepage styles, sticky menu, RTL support for Arabic languages, theme options panel, Slider Revolution, WPBakery page builder, and many more features.

The Qlean | Cleaning Company WordPress Theme

Before starting to do your laundry, it’s important to level your washing machine. The machine which stands incorrectly will damage the flooring as well as wear out the tub bearings and shock absorbers. To level, your machine put the level on its top and adjust the feet. If it doesn’t help, place a small piece of plywood on the floor (choose the one which is a bit larger than the base of the machine). The plywood will absorb the vibrations.

There is no need to hide the vibrant design of your business website. This is a comprehensive WP theme suitable for cleaning and maid services, janitorial, maintenance service companies, house and housekeeping, eco cleaning, cleaning agency, appliance repair, electrical, dishwashing and domestic services, and other related business websites. Interactive ajax menu, boxed and wide layouts, multiple blog styles, custom widgets and shortcodes, visual page builder, and many more additional advantages are available for the theme. Take a look!

Cleaning Services WordPress Theme + RTL

Never let the dryer stay turned on between the cycles of washing (before putting a new load in). It would be better to run the dryer loads one by one because it allows you to retain the heat from the previous washing cycle, so you cut down the usage of energy. This time it’s no need to save your inexhaustible source of energy you can share with your users and future customers.

This is a house cleaning services WordPress theme which is suitable for laundry and cleaning services sites and other related companies. It comes with RTL and WPML support which allows us to translate the website into foreign languages including the Eastern ones. It also comes integrated with the WPBakery page builder with a drag-and-drop interface which helps to easily edit the pages using the content blocks avoiding any coding. Try it out!

SmartClean | Cleaning Company WordPress Theme

As well as you clean the lint filter you should also regularly clean the dryer. The dryer should be cleaned although once a year with the help of a long brush. If the dryer is clogged with lint, it may result in fire hazard, so the cleaning is really required. Light up the fire in the hearts of your clients with the help of the following readymade WP design.

This WordPress theme is going to be a great choice for creating a website of janitorial and cleaning service companies, dry cleaning, and laundry businesses. It allows both to represent your services or allow your clients to find out a cost for a specific type of work they want to be performed around their house (this is possible through a request form). They will be also able to book an appointment right on your website with the help of the appointment calendar.

Make your fresh and clean business and promote your services with the help of one of these themes. Good luck! :).