Milk and Ice Cream Logos Freebie Download Take Them Instantly Milk and Ice Cream Logos Freebie Download Take Them Instantly

Milk and Ice-Cream Logos Freebie Download! Take Them Instantly!

Hi there, dear friends!

Finally, a new Friday has come, so this is the very time for us to bring you an exclusive gift!

Today you are welcome to download two absolutely unique and completely free logo templates specifically crafted to suit milk and dairy products production business as well as an ice-cream-making company.

Logos are composed in a minimal style and available in two color variants. You will find a light-blue ‘Waterfall Milk’ logo devoted to milk and dairy products and an ice cream logo colored in red.

The milk logo includes a body of a side-drawn blue-colored cow located inside of the rounded frame together with the symbolic waterfall. This is a rounded logo, but its right side is shaped as if it is the cow’s udder full of milk. The ‘Waterfall’ inscription inside the logo is made in the form of a wave.

The ice cream logo is minimal as well. It is depicted as a waffle cone with curly ice cream inside of it. This logo is great to present a cold sweet creamy product you provide.

Both logos are available in EPS formats together with previews in JPEG formats. Of course, they are fully editable. Feel free to use them for your personal projects, presentations, flyers, gift cards, etc.

Please share our creation on your social media and feel free to instantly download your freebie right from this page. Thank you in advance! Have fun and enjoy!

Milk and Ice-Cream Logos Free Download!