Photo Focused WordPress Themes for Everyone in Love With Camera Photo Focused WordPress Themes for Everyone in Love With Camera

Photo Focused WordPress Themes for Everyone in Love With Camera

Nice to see you again, dear friends! This time we’ve prepared an inspiring collection of modern and professional WordPress themes devoted to the art of photography and suitable for composing your awesome personal portfolios.

Whether you make fashion photo sessions, you are focused on family photos, create amateur snapshots or you are open to hiring as a wedding photographer, the following templates have you covered.

Words are useless, just browse the themes and enjoy!

Me Voy – Photography Portfolio Theme

Me Voy - Photography Portfolio Theme

Me Voy is a photography portfolio WordPress theme available with 13+ homepage layouts like Anwen, Maeve, Elysia, Timea, Carina, Darya, Amara, Delpha, Adalyn, Auriel, Lilith, Everly, and Amelia. Each demo has a unique and modern design and animation effects as well as comes with a number of inner pages like About Us, About Me, Our Team, Our Process, Contact Us, Blog, Shop, Portfolio, Landing, and more.

The theme is compatible both with the WPBakery drag-and-drop page builder and Elementor front-end drag-and-drop page builder, comes with WPML translation support, Slider Revolution, pre-defined widgets and shortcodes, portfolio layouts, parallax images, social share, WooCommerce support, Contact Form 7, 900+ Google fonts, and much more.

Itonga – Portfolio & Personal Blog WordPress Theme

Itonga is a portfolio and personal WordPress theme available with 6 homepage layouts including Fullscreen Carousel, Large Carousel, List Layout, Interactive Links, Mixed Grid Layout, and Two-column Masonry Layout. You can select it to present a hair salon, a coffee shop, a herbal beauty salon, an auto salon, a filament lamps store, plywood chairs store, an album covers studio, etc.

The theme is Gutenberg ready, has a clean and minimal design, responsive layout on mobile devices, live customization, comes with 8 different portfolio showcase layouts, 6 different portfolio listing layouts, 10 different blog listing layouts, various portfolio post types, and many more features.

Moone – Photography Portfolio WordPress Theme

Modern photography has evolved from the very first photographic process which first appeared in 1824 and was called heliography. This process was invented by Nicéphore Niépce and was supposed to obtain the photos with bitumen of Judea spread on a silver plate after being exposed for several days. A new step in developing a photography process started in 1829 when N.Niepce began a collaboration with Louis Jacques Mandé Daguerre and they continued the research. In 1832 they invented another process of creating photos during one-day exposure using a residue of lavender oil distillation.

It’s great that folks started to invent ways of capturing the best moments hundreds of years ago, so today we can enjoy awesome photography works and display them on photo websites based on the themes like Moone. This WP template is a great solution for displaying the snapshots in different gallery types you can choose to your taste. See more of the theme’s features and enjoy!

Photography Bradley Services WordPress Theme – WizePhoto

After the death of Niepce in 1833, L.Daguerre continued the research on his own and invented a daguerreotype in 1838. The process of creating this kind of photo is supposed to use a silver plate coated with a very thin silver iodide layer which had to be exposed in a camera obscure. After that, it had to be exposed to mercury vapors to induce the apparition of an invisible latent photo formed while being exposed to light. A man from France named Hippolyte Bayard discovered a new way of obtaining positive images from photographic negatives in July 1839. This process allowed us to see the ready images directly on paper which was covered with silver chloride and blackened by light to be then sensitized in silver iodide and exposed in camera obscura.

Another splendid creation is Bradley Photography. This WordPress design is surely going to satisfy the exquisite preferences of creatives. The theme is integrated with WPBakery page builder, comes with a tremendous bunch of gallery layouts, lots of portfolio templates, numerous pre-defined inner pages, amazing blog layouts, and a very unique design. Try it now!

Kuist – Photography Series Portfolio WordPress Theme

If earlier the images were fixed by the salt water, then in 1839 there was another fixing way invented by John Herschell. This is supposed to dipping the images in a bath with sodium hyposulfite which is still sometimes used for fixing the photos. Calotypes continued to be utilized as a way to easily obtain a photo right on the paper sheet. However, the fibers of negative paper limited the sharpness of such photos, so this made the calotype a bit less quality than the daguerreotype. William Henry Fox Talbot – an English man inspired by the invention of the daguerreotype, resolved to resume the research of Niepce and Daguerre in 1839.

Kuist is a WordPress template that is intended to help you show the thumbnails of your best photo works right on your homepage. The left sidebar includes a vertical list of letters, so hovering over each letter shows the name of the album or work that a user can click to check out. The overall look of the theme will represent your original approach to showcasing your creation and your creative worldview. See the features of the theme to make sure it suits your needs.

Jeanne – Minimal Photography and Portfolio WordPress Theme

Talbot continued his own research and, in 1841, he patented the calotype which was the first negative-positive process. It is supposed that the same photo was multiplied using an intermediate negative on a paper sheet covered with silver chloride and made translucent with wax. As the exposure time of the photography of 1830 – the 40s ranged from 30 minutes to 2 hours, the main task of the researchers was to reduce this time as much as possible. This is why the physicist Hippolyte Fizeau discovered short focal lenses in 1841. The researcher started to use silver bromide and it was really sensitive to light. The exposure time was reduced to several seconds and this was a great forward step.

Jeanne is a very pure and minimal WordPress theme that comes with a clean design and a possibility to greatly present your featured works. This template is going to be quite suitable for those who make snapshots of architectural projects, interior, nature, materials for advertisement, videographers creating promotional footage, etc. The theme is lightweight, fast, and easy to use.

Fotonia – Portfolio Photography Theme for WordPress

To improve the quality of the calotype it was necessary to increase its negative transparency. That’s why in 1847 Abel Niépce de Saint-Victor started to use glass instead of paper. Silver bromide was mixed with egg white to better adhere to glass. The images became sharper and too saturated, so this was the encouragement for opticians to start developing lenses with higher definition.

Fotonia is another upmarket solution for photographers, illustrators, or artists. It includes a list of portfolio layouts, so you can use any of them to display your photography works to potential clients and win their hearts. By the way, the template includes 10+ homepage templates designed in different styles and allowing to showcase photo collections in different ways. Check out the theme now!

Christopher – Portfolio & Photography WordPress Theme

Eggwhite was replaced with collodion (based on cellulose nitrate) in 1851 by Scott Archer. This photography process made monochrome images as quality as never before. The only disadvantage, in this case, was that the ready picture was taken while the collodion was humid, so the photo creation process had to be made instantly after the exposure.

Take a look at the Christopher WordPress theme crafted for photography and portfolio purposes. You can display your works on the homepage in packery or masonry style, include unlimited categories with photos on the homepage, and display your works any way you prefer. The template will suit an abstract photographer, illustrator, or artist who wants to create a portfolio website focused on content.

Kazron – Photography WordPress Theme

To keep the substance humid was inconvenient until this problem was resolved by Richard Maddox and Charles Bennet in 1871. If Meaddox offered to replace collodion with gelatin, then Bennet perfected this process and showed a high sensitivity of gelatinized plates during being kept at 32° Celsius temperature for a few days. This way of making a photo reduced the exposure time to a single second.

Kazron is one more photography WordPress theme designed with inspiration and diligence. It provides you with freedom of choice when it comes to selecting a gallery style for displaying your photos on the Web. Thus you can select from a horizontal slider, masonry, parallax, ken burns, grid, and more readymade templates for your gallery. The theme comes in light and dark versions as well as includes multiple homepages, blog templates, and more features.

Andra – Photography Portfolio WordPress Ajax Theme

The high sensitivity of plates caused the necessity to create a mechanism that will allow the light to enter the camera for less than a second, so this was the start of the shutter’s history. Before 1880 it was required to be able to precisely evaluate the intensity of light, so the light meter was invented as a key measuring device.

Andra is considered to be a minimal and creative photography template suitable for portrait and fashion photographers and available with amazing ajax page transitions. It allows you to create either a portfolio with visible text or a text over an image, represent your personality and introduce your creativity in the About section, run your blog and share your creative vision, and get much more possibilities, just check it out!

Photography | Sansara Photography WordPress Theme

In 1888 the idea of a supple base was conceived by George Eastman (Kodak founder). Glass plates weren’t used anymore, but the celluloid rolls started to be utilized instead. Despite this, the photographs still lacked color reproduction. In 1851, Niépce de St-Victor tried to better directly reproduce colors using the silver plate coated with pure silver chloride. However, the colors were reproduced in an unstable way.

Sansara is dark chocolate of a theme made for WordPress and appropriate for representing photography works in a stunning manner. Black and white colors are mixed in original forms and shapes showing off every section of your website in an unusual and eye-catching way. This template will suit not just a photographer but also meets the needs of a musician who wants to share their albums and compositions on the Web. Check out all of the 16 homepage variations to select your best one.

Kordex | Studio Photography for WordPress

The first color photo appeared in 1869 when Louis Ducos du Hauron applied the principle of decomposing light in three primary colors including yellow, red, and blue. He captured the same thing in three different filters, one in red, another one in yellow, and the third one in blue. As a result, he obtained three positives and brightened them up with color correspondent to every filter. The color recovery was made by means of laying the three images on each other.

Kordex is a studio photography WordPress theme that comes with 4 sets of homepages each including 5 layout variations. You can select among cover photos, fotorama, fullscreen particles, carousel, various slideshows, and much more homepage layouts to your taste. By the way, the theme also includes different portfolio sets with a number of layouts in each one, a multitude of blog templates, masonry, wide, boxed, and classic gallery layouts, proofing templates, and much more.

Altaframe – Drone Aerial Photography, Photo School and Photographer Portfolio WordPress Theme

In 1891, physicist Gabriel Lippman discovered a way to directly obtain photos in color using the same plate. This became possible thanks to redistribution of light intensity – the holography. Such process of obtaining photos was too complicated and was left only a laboratory experiment. However, G.Lippman received a Nobel prize for his invention in 1906.

Altaframe is one more amazing photography-focused WordPress theme that is worth your attention. It is applicable for drone aerial photography, photo school, or photographer portfolio. The template comes with 4 different homepage layouts made in various styles and suited for displaying your photos either in the sliced gallery, a hero image, ken burns slider, etc. Check out much more of the theme’s features and buy it to launch your website with no delay.

Final Thoughts:

Of course, it’s impossible not to mention the Lumiere brothers who were the amateurs but had enough enthusiasm to create the mono plate color process in 1906. They discovered an autochrome plate that was based on a principle or trichromatic synthesis. The researchers used a single plate filled with an inlay of microfilters represented in primary colors brought by tiny colored grains of potato amylose.

The invention of chromogen developer for color photography made by R.Fisher in 1911, the improvement of trichromatic principle made by Agfa in 1936, the works of Agfacolor and Kodachrome – all of that kicked off the development of modern high-resolution digital photography and lots of photo art directions.

We hope this gorgeous bundle of photo-focused WordPress themes compiled by our team is going to meet your most unexpected needs and ideas concerning the art of photography and your self-expression. Good luck!