Types of Posts Your Blog Readers Will Definitely Adore Types of Posts Your Blog Readers Will Definitely Adore

4 Types of Posts Your Blog Readers Will Definitely Adore

A distinctive feature of influential posts is that they change the readers’ minds. Such posts make people learn new things, change their creeds, and share their new knowledge with interested people in their environment.

Another hallmark of such posts is that they are surely going to cause interest of a reader; in other words, these are the posts that are more likely to be read by your target users as well as bring more engagement.

In this post I will share 4 types of blog posts that your readers will love to read. So let’s start!

1. “Open Your Eyes”

If a person is too credulous and believes in everything that he/she reads in newspapers or learns from TV shows, they can be wrong about lots of things. They get advice concerning their everyday life, fashion, nutrition, weight loss, car repair, etc.; they are influenced by the NEWS, political situation, social events, and more. All of this brings a lot of wrong opinions and mistakes that transform into stereotypes and even lifestyle.

“Open Your Eyes” type of posts can be also called “The Harsh Truth” or the revelation. Their aim is to make a reader find out what their most glaring mistakes are and what they probably do wrong. Such articles make people wiser and help them leave the comfort zone of their illusions.

What are the steps?

1. Such post should start from anything which helps to get in good with your readers. You should show you are sincerely interested in their attention and trust.

2. Create a post in the form of conversation and use natural language just as if you speak with your friend. However, inform your user that this conversation is serious and requires special attention.

3. Identify the concrete subject you will speak about. Name the aim of a person (for instance losing weight) and then enumerate the steps a certain person does to reach this aim.

4. Explain why the current approach to reaching the aim is wrong and why your reader requires a new approach in this case. For instance “You’ve been probably thinking that if you want to become slim you should quit eating? In fact, this is the wrong opinion. Dietitians say that eating small portions of food 4-5 times a day is much better for metabolism.”

5. Speak on real examples from the lives of people who used the correct approach in reaching the aim and succeeded. Share the real statistics if you’ve got some.

6. If you’ve made the same mistakes and then managed to get it right, share your own experience.

7. Encourage the reader to try a new approach and help them visualize the perfect results if they make correct steps to reach their aim.

Don’t convince your user, just show your understanding and sincere desire to help.

2. Motivation Post

This type of posts is necessary for those folks who need to change their current situation and even know what they have to do but something prevents them from doing this. They already know all the steps and actions they should make to reach their goal but their reasons for doing this are not enough to start.

Your task is to persuade your reader to act without any delay and even compel them to forget their old reasons and find new ones that will motivate them to reach new heights without hesitation.

What are the steps?

1. Show your support and understanding; ask a clarification question. For instance “Want to get a job of your dream?” Or “ You are about to apply for a top-manager position in “Company name”, right? Next you should encourage your user to read further to get the answer.

2. Enumerate the reasons a person already has to start acting and number the ones that prevent him/her from starting to take actions to reach their goal.

3. Unveil some more reasons for your reader that can encourage them to act and change their life. Show them what they lose if they refuse from fulfilling their plans.

4. Give examples of people who managed to overcome the difficulties and were able to move forward without any doubts.

5. Help your reader change their attitude to difficulties or challenging tasks that prevent them from being motivated to move forward.

Encourage your reader to take action and make them believe they will succeed.

3. A Life Guide

Now a person has the motivation and the right direction to move forward, but he/she is confused about the concrete steps they should make to reach their aim. What exactly should they start from? How to move further? The goal of a “Life Guide” post is to guide your reader through the certain actions they should perform to get perfect results.

By the way, in your post you can disclose the difficulties that your reader will face on the way to their aim.

So what are the steps?

• Show that you understand your reader’s confusion and state it is normal to be confused in such situation especially when they stand in the way of important decisions. Convince your reader that even successful people often have doubts before taking important steps in their lives.

1. Provide clear step-by-step tips that will be simple to understand and follow.

2. If there are some tough tasks to achieve, then provide advice on how to split them into smaller tasks to be completed day by day.
3. Make sure your tips are understandable and explicit.

Your goal is to create an easy guide which is going to help your reader reach success step by step.

4. Tactics and Methods

This type of posts is suitable for readers who know on what stage of reaching their goal they are and know where their goal is, however, they don’t know the true tactics to use to get to their point. Your aim is to show your reader they have enough strength and inner resources to get success in what they want and believe this is possible to achieve anything they wish.

What are the steps?

1. Show your understanding of the situation when all the methods you choose to reach your goal are inefficient. Ensure you reader there is a way out.

2. Name your tactics and indicate its source (for instance this is your own experience or the experiences of people who managed to succeed when using this tactics).

3. Give examples of how to bring every part of the tactics to life and what result they should get.
4. Advice on a time during which every part of your tactics should be made and time required for getting a result.

Inform the user that even if a goal is difficult to reach it is worth it. It is better to take actions and either regret or succeed than be apathetic and then regret.


All of those posts will be successful and will reach your reader’s mind only if you are confident yourself, and you’ve got enough experience and self-belief to help others succeed and get rid of any doubts. Good luck!

Melany H.