Coolest Invoicing and Time Management Applications for Your Success Coolest Invoicing and Time Management Applications for Your Success

5 Coolest Invoicing and Time Management Applications for Your Success

Time management is one of the most essential components of building an effective and prosperous business. The way you manage your time when you work for a company can influence your career, your salary and job stability. If you work for yourself and develop your business, then time management will influence how much you earn.

It’s sometimes impossible to keep a lot of important tasks in your head, so you can’t remember all the things you have to do right away, in an hour or tomorrow. If you forget to complete an important task it can result in breaking your business relationships, losing your profit, and other unexpected situations. So noting down your “to do” list and defining the time you need to fulfill a certain task from that list – these are absolutely significant things.

When you run a business, some tasks really require automation which is also a time-saving measure. Such tasks as creating and sending invoices, sending auto-responses, and some more – can be easily automated today. As a result, you will save time and increase your working productivity.

We’ve prepared a small bunch of most efficient and modern apps for invoicing and time management. These solutions are meant to improve your workflow effectiveness and help you get better results in your business.

1. Hiveage

Hiveage is considered to be the best online invoicing software. It allows to create invoices, bills, reports, estimates, and more. The app is suitable for freelancers and small businesses who want to ensure their customers that their accounting procedures are fulfilled in a professional manner.

The app comes with a convenient and easy-to-use dashboard where you can create invoices, quickly send them, track invoice status, etc. Use the app to provide your clients with engaging payment options, create quotations, and more.

2. Minterapp

This is another cool app for online time tracking. It allows to automatically track the time required for completing a certain project. It also helps to generate invoices, specify billable hours, etc.

The solution is quite suited for small businesses and startups that want to make their everyday routine easier and automate important business processes like accounting, project management, and more.

The app allows to convert a quotation into an invoice without adding a client into the system. It is possible if the client has previously accepted the quotation (with one click).

3. Invoice Ninja

This is a set of applications which helps to automate the tracking of time as well as automatically create and send invoices. It includes 40+ gateways that clients can use for making online payments.

The solution includes such apps as invoicing and quotes, proposal creation, time-tracking, projects, and kanban boards (work and flow visualization tools), and more useful services.

4. Jibble

Jibble is officially named a time and attendance tracking app for teams. You can demand timesheets and reports every day, week or month, so it will be easy to support payroll activities and exercises.

Timesheets are possible to download in the spreadsheet format. Team members and project managers can view and add data to personal timesheets. The app will show you the attendance statistics together with alerts whenever evident mismatches appear.

5. FreshBooks

A popular application used for time tracking, invoicing activities and expenses management. You can use it to get the details on your project scope, timelines and outlines. The app also allows to generate proposals, so you will surely be able to save your time and increase your productivity. Every proposal can be easily converted into an invoice with a single click.

The app helps to track the expenses by the ability to take smartphone photos of receipts stored in the user’s database for expensing and adding to invoices. Invoices are possible to personalize with your logo, color scheme, custom terms and conditions, etc.

Final Thoughts

Use these or some other new applications to improve your productivity and save your time. You will soon find out how easy it is to run your business and manage your projects when more than a half of your essential everyday tasks are automated.