An Exclusive Premium Barbershop Logo a Free Gift Grab Now An Exclusive Premium Barbershop Logo a Free Gift Grab Now

An Exclusive Premium Barbershop Logo + a Free Gift – Grab Now!

Dear friends! We are much excited to present our brand new, crisp and fresh Premium Barbershop Logo you can now obtain just for $9! We are also happy to gift you a cool free logo provided in the pack together with the premium item.

Grab these awesome logo templates now and start using them for your brand books, corporate identity, stationery, business cards, signboards, or any other designs. You can place the logos on any promotional material and items like cups, mugs, pinbacks, flyers, etc.

What’s the Premium Barbershop Logo About?

Our premium logo contains the half-face of a man with a long bushy beard and a hipster hair style located on the rounded background colored as a rotating barber pole light.

This pole light is usually hanging on the foreside of a barbershop building and it is widely used in the US, England, France, and Asian countries. This sign is made as a glass balloon with a rotating red-and-blue-striped cylinder inside of it. It should rotate and sparkle to attract clients.

Please see how your premium logo will look at different designs and scroll down to learn more!

A Free Gift for You

Except for the premium logo available in the pack, we gift you an absolutely free item – a minimal and simple logo depicting the outlines of a man’s face with a stylish haircut, beard, and mustache. This is a small bonus for you. 🙂

Both premium and free logos are available in EPS, AI, JPEG, and PNG formats. Both of them are completely editable and customizable.

So don’t waste your time and take your premium logo + freebie now!

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Have fun!