Oyster Creative Photo WordPress Theme A Story of Success Review Oyster Creative Photo WordPress Theme A Story of Success Review

Oyster Creative Photo WordPress Theme – A Story of Success + Review

Over the years, WordPress has become a patron of the arts aiding in the promotion of blogs, photography sites, portfolios and lots of other websites. This platform is an ultimate tool that is extremely usable and easy to customize. If you are creative enough to grab every opportunity to build a perfect website for your business or personal needs, then you are sure to make the most out of WordPress, and we are happy to stand in good stayer.

As every enthusiastic blogger, we also like to take the most prosperous projects for a model and share the most interesting success stories with you. Oyster Creative Photo WordPress Theme is one of the best selling items and one of the most brilliant projects by GT3 Themes. Being released on July 29, 2014, the theme has been updated on a regular basis to meet the needs of buyers, and by now it has been sold 3254+ times so we know this is not the end.

In this post, we decided to share a little “story of success” concerning the Oyster Photography Theme constructed for WordPress and we hope this will inspire designers and developers to greatly improve their art of theme manufacturing and get them to strive for better.

Let’s see what advantages of the theme are substantial:

1. The very first need of every photographer, artist or illustrator is fulfilled! This theme is a flexible and user-friendly design that can be easily modified according to the tastes of creatives.
2. The theme blends both aesthetic appeal and functionality.
3. You’ll find a good balance of handsome design elements, multiple customization opportunities, and intuitive navigation.
4. It’s been crafted by a great team of professionals who really love their job :).

What People Say?

When the Oyster WP theme was uploaded on Themeforest – a digital marketplace belonging to Envato, people immediately started to leave positive comments, and the amount of sales was dramatically increasing day after day.

Users and potential customers wished the developers good luck:





They supposed they would obviously buy the theme:


They asked for some additional features:


And of course, they asked questions concerning the functionality:


Everything was as it usually happened with other products on this market but no one could even expect that another Photography WordPress Theme would become as popular as we see it today.

Support by GT3 Team

We suppose that the unrivaled success of Oyster is also attributable to the customer support department providing time-urgent assistance when it is as required as an emergency medical technician. They are always happy to help customers get the most out of the purchased theme and make their websites look and work perfectly.




What About the Features?

1. The key concept of Oyster Creative Photo WordPress Theme is to provide a brilliant solution for creating a content-oriented website with an unlimited number of photos, videos, and posts.

2. The theme comes with the native Theme Options Panel which is a user-friendly solution for those who want to modify the feel and look of their web-pages without any coding knowledge.

The panel allows to easily upload a custom logo, put Google analytics, adjust the site view and theme layout, add social links, choose the desired fonts, change light and dark skin colors, create an unlimited number of sidebars, manage your contact details, and much more.

3. About 30 modules are available for the GT3 Page Builder plugin which is installed automatically. The page-builder allows to easily create pages of your portfolio site.

4. Revolution Slider is a responsive WordPress plugin available for the theme, and it is also an awesome feature. It allows for displaying any content in a gorgeous manner.

5. The great thing about this WP theme is that it has numerous types of gallery pages so you can display your gallery as Albums, Proofing, Kenburns, Flow, Ribbon, Photo Listing, Grid or Masonry.

Flow Gallery


Grid2 Gallery


6. A variety of homepage layouts allows selecting the best way of presentation. You can build your front-page as Slider, Masonry Portfolio, Horizontal Striped, Vertical Striped, Revolution Slider or you can choose either Image background, Vimeo background or YouTube background instead.

Vertical Striped Homepage Layout


Vimeo Background Homepage Layout


7. Any creator can choose their favorite way of displaying works in a portfolio, given that Oyster allows displaying portfolio in 2 different Grid Styles, Masonry Style or Isotope.

Masonry Portfolio


Isotope Portfolio


By the way, you can choose any available portfolio post to display a definite creative work in a detailed and clear manner with snapshots and descriptions. You can make your portfolio posts be displayed in 1-4 Columns, choose a Fullscreen post type (Ribbon, Without Info, With Info, Video Post, or a Post with Sidebar), or prefer either Image or Video Simple Posts as well as create Posts with Sidebar.

Fullscreen Ribbon Post Type


Simple Post with Sidebar


8. If you’d like to run a blog you can choose from fullscreen or standard versions of blog page layouts. Create a fullwidth post or choose either a right sidebar or left sidebar for your post page.

Fullscreen Blog Page Layout


Standard Post with Right Sidebar


9. The theme is compatible with the WooCommerce plugin so you can also use this WP theme to create an online shop.

Any Ideas?

So we tried to “solve a puzzle” of matchless popularity of Oyster Creative Photo WordPress Theme and we have a few ideas on why it is successful:

1. Unique Offer: Oyster Photography WordPress Theme is a feature-rich solution for creating a full-fledged portfolio to showcase works of a photographer, graphic designer, illustrator, or any other creative in the best way.

2. Customer Satisfaction: The demanding clients can choose this theme and be sure it fulfills their most various needs when it comes to creating a top-notch website.

3. Social Proof: There is a psychological phenomenon which is described as follows: if a great amount of people buy a certain product or service, then this product or service is quality by default, and other people also consider it to be worth purchasing.

4. Feedbacks are Considered: If customers want to ask any questions concerning a certain product, a skilled expert tries to answer them as soon as possible. They respond to feedback, find out the opinions of target users and clients and always improve to strive for better.


We want to say many thanks to our followers and visitors for your devotion, and we promise to always provide you with top-of-the-line solutions for your outstanding online presence. Do you have any ideas on why Oyster WP Theme is so popular? We are happy to hear them:).