The Weirdest Stock Images What Are They For The Weirdest Stock Images What Are They For

The Weirdest Stock Images – What Are They For?

When trying to be creative, artists step over the bounds and change habitual things with their creations. They try to see and show the reverse side of the reality, and sometimes it comes out a bit unusual.

In this post we’ve collected a bunch of stock photos and illustrations some of which look somehow odd, others look uncommon, and some of them are made for an unknown purpose which is hard to guess.

With this review we don’t mean to offend anyone, this is just our vision and we just share our thoughts concerning the style of the following images crafted by different artists across the globe. So let’s start.

Funny and Odd

We all know that unicorns are mythical beasts mentioned in Greek mythology as well as in biblical and ancient sources. In modern cartoons, they are shown as white horses with pointed spiraling horns and hooves they clatter along to create the rainbow. This picture shows a unicorn… farting with a rainbow, and this… pressure helps it to fly up like a rocket. Well, it’s a funny illustration. It can be great for a children’s book cover, a fairy tale, or maybe you can guess some other purposes it can be appropriate for?

A fat ape on a bicycle… Sounds cool, isn’t it? This gorilla even wears a jacket and a tie. This is a businessman ape on a bike and… it’s odd :). Of course, it’s drawn professionally and it looks great, but what will it be useful for? Can you guess?

This image depicts hand-drawn hearts on a white background. I look at this illustration and… I can’t make it out. This is as simple as two plus two… Even a baby can draw it, anyone can draw it. Is something original here? I guess such an image can be found anywhere for free and you can draw it by yourself at any time and use it for any purpose you need. A stock image? No, I don’t think so, this is not for stock.

It seems like nothing special: three hands are holding cutleries including a fork, a spoon, and a knife. But it seems to me those hands look like they are cut from a body, and these are the dead hands of a vampire. These wrists were made in retro woodcut style and this came out a bit unusual.

And this is a friend of a unicorn. He throws up a rainbow directly on the clouds. So it seems like he stands on the clouds or flies above them, right? Now I know who creates a rainbow after the rain – this is a rainbow man and his colorful puke.

And this photo I just couldn’t miss. Of course, it’s not an illustration, but… why did a photographer resolve to make a snapshot of zebra pooping? What was her purpose and what did she think this photo would be useful for? Ok, ok, maybe there are some educational purposes for those who learn the life of animals in their natural conditions of living, but… how helpful will this photo be for education? Is there something very well visible? A funny and odd photo really.

Creative and Strange

A creative photo of an elephant flying in the mist and wearing a high hat. A seagull is sitting on the elephant’s back sharing his loneliness. Am I creative enough to understand this photo correctly? Nice effects and nice ambiance. But I still don’t understand what project this photo is applicable for. I guess this will look perfect as a part of a photo exhibition in an art gallery.

And here I’d like to ask your opinion and find out your vision: what is the real meaning of this illustration and what symbols do you see here? Geese are located in the room with the checkered floor and the clouds hanging from the ceiling like chandeliers. The walls of the room are gray and dull. Will you please prompt me the meaning of this composition?

Final Thoughts:

As I’ve understood, creativity has no direction and no bounds. Not always it’s possible to make a creative illustration meaningful and suitable for a definite design project. Sometimes creation is just a way to share your inner world and express your own worldview. Sometimes creation is just creation…