Traveling Beach and Pool WordPress Themes A New Collection Traveling Beach and Pool WordPress Themes A New Collection

Traveling, Beach and Pool WordPress Themes – A New Collection

If you love traveling, there are lots of countries that are worth visiting in 2018. Of course, it’s impossible to forget China which is the world’s most populous country full of mystery and adventure, remember alluring South Africa with its beaches and mountains, wildlife and wine, vibrant culture, and cosmopolitan Cape Town, or think about Sri Lanka with its delicious albeit spicy food, stunning ancient rock formations in Sigiriya, and extreme surfing at Arugam Bay.

Our today’s WordPress themes collection is devoted to traveling, beaches, and pools – anything you like about recreation, resorts, taking a rest, having fun, and entertaining. So just browse it and enjoy!

Tevily – Travel & Tour Booking WordPress Theme

Tevily - Travel & Tour Booking WordPress Theme

Tevily is a travel & tour booking WordPress theme available with 4 homepage layouts together with a number of Tours Pages, Destination layouts, templates like News, About Us, Portfolio, Gallery, Shop, Events, Careers, Our Partner, Our Team, Our Awards, 404 page, Contact layouts, and more.

The theme is powered by the Elementor front-end drag-and-drop page builder, supports The Events Calendar, WooCommerce shop functionality, WPML translation support, Bootstrap framework options, Revolution Slider, parallax feature and video section for any page, child theme pre-packed, and more features.

Travlio – Travel Booking WordPress Theme

Water sports are adventurous, fun-filled, action-packed, and exciting. Both, physical exertion and mental stimulation can be attained in water sports. They offer a visual treat, motivation, and an elated feeling. Water sports can be played in, on, or underwater. For instance, many travelers like diving which is possible if you travel far away just where the ocean or sea is attracting and captivating you with their abyss.

Travlio is a travel booking WordPress theme that comes with 4 homepage layouts and comes based on the Elementor front-end drag-and-drop page builder цшер 40+ widgets. It includes multiple features like Revolution Slider, custom fields and a powerful field editor, Slick Slider, popup image, Google maps, Contact Form 7, smooth scrolling option, header and footer builder, and many more features.

Wanderic – Travel Blog & Lifestyle WordPress Theme

What do you know about kitesurfing? Actually, this is a great way to tune into nature as well as an exciting and intense sport. Your body and senses must be fully aligned with not only the waves but the wind as well. Any kitesurfer knows the most exciting destinations which should be visited both by the experienced kitesurfer and a relatively recent devotee. Such places as Cape Hatteras (North Carolina), La Ventana (Baja California), Maui (Hawaii), Boracay (Philippines), and Nabq (Egypt) are perfect for kitesurfing.

Wanderic is a travel blog and lifestyle WordPress theme focused on adventures and available with 3 homepage layouts with fullscreen and split-screen headers as well as either transparent or standard menus. The theme comes integrated with WPBakery drag-and-drop page builder, Slider Revolution & Swiper Slider included, retina images support, user menu and main menu support, interactive ajax search, flexible colors & typography, and many more features.

Tripster – Travel & Lifestyle WordPress Blog

If we speak of traveling, a great country to visit is Portugal. It is a dynamic center for art, culture, and cuisine. A spate of artfully designed museums, rock-star Portuguese chefs creating culinary buzz, and glittering beaches of the Algarve – are worth experiencing. Djibouti is another splendid country to see this year. Its magma seethes beneath ever-thinning crust; martian-like deserts spew steam from fumaroles, and sunken lake shores glisten with huge salt crystals.

Tripster is a travel and lifestyle WordPress blog theme that comes with 7+ homepage layouts including the fullwidth, split-screen, stripped, transparent menu, and more design structures available. It comes with a multitude of features including WPBakery drag-and-drop page builder support, customizable header and footer layouts, Slider Revolution & Swiper Slider included, retina images support, user menu, and main menu support, interactive ajax search, and much more.

Wanderland – Travel Blog WordPress Theme

Georgia – another great country to get acquainted with. Forward-thinking but proud of tradition, this is a country of ancient recipes cooked up in tucked-away taverns where toastmasters raise glasses of spirits to honor old and new heroes. And if you are looking for a brochure-perfect island idyll, visit Mauritius. This is justly famous for its dazzling sapphire seas and luxurious beach resorts, where the watery fun includes coral reef dives, kitesurfing, sea kayaking, and lagoon cruises.

Wanderland is one more cool travel blog WordPress theme available with 8 homepage layouts like main, alternating posts, travelogue, traveling blog metro, floating posts, travel blog, error page, and blog divided. Its features include Slider Revolution plugin included, WPBakery drag-and-drop page builder integrated, WooCommerce PayPal Checkout Gateway, smooth transitions between pages, smooth scroll, side area, custom shortcodes, and widgets, and many more features.

Senotina – Resort and Hotel WordPress Theme

Do you like surfing? Surfing is defined as the sport of riding the surfboard and breaking the waves of the ocean or sea towards the shore. The roots of surfing lie in pre-modern Hawaii and Polynesia, where this sport was practiced by both men and women from any social strata including both royalty and commoners. By the end of the 19th century, surfing was practiced in Hawaii from time to time. Today it’s a very popular sport at any seaside and many beaches near the ocean.

Senotina is a resort and hotel WordPress theme that comes with 6 homepage layouts like city, beach, mountain, apartment, stay, and landing ones. It is a fully functional and feature-rich solution that comes with lots of advantages like boxed or fullwidth layout, Twitter Bootstrap options, Slider Revolution plugin included, WPBakery drag-and-drop page builder integrated, Essential Grid plugin included, Contact Form 7 plugin support, and many more features.

Felly | Travel and Fashion WordPress Blog Theme

Would you like to travel to New Zealand this year? Its sweet suite of trails, the Great Walks, encouraged exploration of the exquisite topography, taking tramping travelers through some of the world’s most extraordinary wilderness. Malta is also a great variant to travel. Its prehistoric temples crown hills, 17th-century fortifications stalk the coast, and a warren of tunnels – from catacombs to air-raid shelters – dig deep underground.

This is a feature-rich travel and fashion WordPress blog theme perfect for a holiday, travel information, hotel, accommodation, surfing, or destination-themed websites. The theme’s features include two homepage layouts, 4+ blog styles, 10 post formats, smooth CSS3 animations, WPBakery page builder integrated, Slider Revolution included, Contact Form 7, advanced admin panel, sticky header, fullwidth and boxed layouts, and many more advantages.

Playa | City and Private Beach & Pool Club WordPress Theme

Pool is a great gathering space for people with their friends and families. It’s a good way to relax and have fun throughout the season. In some pool clubs, the facilities include locker rooms, a snack bar, indoor game rooms, a poolside bar on summer weekends, etc. Special events sometimes suppose weekday barbecues, teen nights, adult exercise classes and early morning swims.

This vivid and sunny WordPress theme is intended for a city beach, a beach club, an outdoor pool club, a summer resort, or a water park. It comes with dozens of pre-defined layouts and a host of features like WPBakery page builder, WooCommerce support, portfolio feature, easy-to-use Event Calendar to showcase what’s coming up at your beach club, various layouts of the news and photo galleries, and much more.

Altair | Travel Agency WordPress Theme

What are the cheapest places to travel in 2018? We can say one of them is Albufeira, Portugal. This is a really affordable and sun-soaked vacation. Beautiful climate, fabulous beaches, inexpensive apartment-style hotels – all of this is possible to find there. Another best place to travel cheap is Zanzibar. This is more budget-friendly than you think as well as an absolutely beautiful place. Jungle waterslide and pool floaties of Zanzibar resorts are worth seeing.

Altair is a comprehensive WordPress theme that will suit travel agencies or travel blog websites. It comes with a clean and modern design as well as 6 tour content page templates both with full-width and fixed-width layouts. Other features of the theme include drag-and-drop content builder with different modules, instant ajax search, sticky main menu navigation, off-canvas mobile navigation, tours with advanced search option, booking & contact forms support, unlimited tour, and gallery pages, WPML compatibility, Revolution Slider, and more.

Travel WordPress Theme | Fully Functional Tour Booking Management Theme

Saint Martin is another great place to visit quite cheaply. This is a unique Caribbean island that is half-French and half-Dutch. It was devastated by Hurricane Irma but today it’s on the mend, so there’s no reason to worry. Another place to visit at an affordable price is Naples, Italy. Naples is one of the oldest cities on the European continent, and it is filled to the brim with intriguing cultural sights and monuments.

This is a cool WP theme devoted to traveling and available with 6 amazing homepage layouts coming with a fresh design approach and appealing concept. The template will suit all travel-related websites including hotels, resorts, honeymoons, cruises, and much more. Powerful theme options, WPLM compatibility, RTL support, boxed and wide layouts, unlimited color skins, header sticky zoom, parallax image, video background, and many more features are available.

Tour Package – WordPress Travel/Tour Theme

The Cook Islands is another cool place to travel to without making your wallet empty. They are made up of 15 islands and less than 100 square miles, so this is everything you’d hope to find in the South Pacific. Lush tropical beauty, vibrant reefs, and a Polynesian vibe are both traditional and modern. Is there something else? Of course! Dubrovnik, Croatia is also a great cheap place to visit this year. This Adriatic gem encircled by massive stonewalls is hard to resist. The city’s streets are paved with limestone, so they look amazing during hot summer days.

Any traveling company or a traveling blog owner can take this WordPress theme for their needs. It comes with a package filtering system, Contact Form 7, localization support, SEO friendliness, boxed and wide layouts, PayPal payment gateway support, live color changer, unlimited colors and sidebars, 6 footer layouts, 3 blog styles, 6 custom post types, and many more features.

Love Travel WordPress Theme

What are the other best countries to travel to in 2018? I guess one of them is Chile. This country is a sinewy sliver of a nation with its disparate extremes to the ever-trendier capital of Santiago at its heart. Another great country to see is probably South Korea which is a compact playground of Asian modernity. The futuristic capital city, Seoul, includes a lot of attractions including a high-line park with cafes, bars, and libraries along a disused elevated highway.

This is a WordPress theme suited for multiple purposes related to traveling. The template has been designed using the 1200 px grid system with 12 columns. It comes with dummy content you can replace with your custom one, Revolution Slider for creating awesome presentations, a filtering system with booking functionality, a sticky menu, Contact Form 7 support, jQuery UI, and many more features.

Swimming, surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, jet-skiing, wakeboarding, water skiing, cliff diving, skimboarding, triathlon, and many other water sports types are worth trying your hand at. Wish you a great vacation this summer!