Most Bizarre Websites You Should Certainly Visit Most Bizarre Websites You Should Certainly Visit

20 Most Bizarre Websites You Should Certainly Visit

One more collection of websites is here for you. This time I’ve hand-picked the sites with weird and original designs. Some websites belong to definite companies or businesses and others are made just to have fun and nothing else.

So take your time to browse this cool collection to find funny, original, strange and exclusive designs and have some fun. Enjoy!


This website is made as a continuously zoomed fullscreen image. So as you get to the homepage you can travel to the country of mysterious creatures living among the trees in the forest.


This is a dating website for those who have a beard and those who like to stroke a beard. The site helps people with common interests find each other.

North 2

This is a website of the creative digital studio which shows peculiar and funny sliding images on the homepage. Just see!

Leg Work Studio

A website of a Denver based independent studio. Its homepage shows a strange and funny three-eyed woman typing something sitting at the toaster. When the website is open, random questions appear in the tab.

Fidget Spinner

This is a web-page where you can play with online spinner and see the number of spins that are counted automatically.

Paper Toilet

And this web-page includes a toilet paper roll which you can wind off by the cursor of your mouse or by your finger on the touch-screen of your mobile phone. A peculiar and funny game.

Kurka Wolna

This is an original website of a Polish chicken farm. Its homepage contains an animated chicken with the prints of its toes on the ground. You can move the page to any direction as if it is the map.

Good As Gold

This streetwear online shop changes its homepage from time to time. Sometimes it shows the collections currently available in stock and sometimes you can see some funny images.

That’s The Finger

Here you can move the fingers of a hand with your mouse to get it show what you want. The background color changes as well.

Vanity Claire

This is an original homepage of a creative agency. It depicts the legs wearing odd and unusual shoes. Scroll down to see more interesting and odd things composing the overall design.

Cat Bounce

This is an interactive website which has an odd homepage where kittens are falling from the sky and bouncing. If you click the ‘Make It Rain” button, you will see a real heavy fall of cats.

Ouais Mais Bon

This web-page includes three faces of men who screw up their faces and mumble every time you hover your cursor over each of them. Click the “From the useless websites list” link to find more funny pages like buzzy buzz, republique des mangues, pixels fighting, and more.

Snap Bubbles

This web-page includes a virtual bubble wrap and allows to snap bubbles every time you wish. A great bubble wrap simulator with the hits count.

Feed Music

A website of intelligent property rights and payments. Its homepage looks like a slow whirlpool which brings water helically from top and downwards.

Ultranoir VR

This is a minimal and original design of a web studio. The page is made in dark skin and includes a lot of cool images, animations and videos as you scroll down.

We Are Uprising

A design and production studio based in Italy has created an odd homepage which symbolizes the digital world. Just scroll down to learn more.

The Artery

Peculiar statues, compasses, film footage, and more things are turning around their radial axis on the homepage of this creative studio website. Just scroll down to see them all.

Made in Haus

Interesting abstract images are moving on the homepage of this website belonging to a digital studio based in L. A. Distorted and slowly moving abstract images are used throughout the whole design of this site.


Do you want your display to be perfectly cleaned? Let this pug dog lick up the display of your PC or smartphone on the other side.

Cross Divisions

This web-page consists of multiple geometric figures resembling dark rooms that change their shape and slowly flow while shifting their colors every time you click.

Original websites are sharable, memorable and sticky so, as you see, the uncommon approach is a great solution to engage your target visitors and stay in their minds.

Melany H.