Explicit How Its Made Videos That Will Keep You Impressed Explicit How Its Made Videos That Will Keep You Impressed

Explicit “How It’s Made” Videos That Will Keep You Impressed

I guess all of us admire talented people with unique and even phenomenal skills. Real craftsmen are respected and duly appreciated by those who is able to see the true value of things and human beings.

Talents differ as well as tastes, that is why someone is bright-minded in programming and design, others craft amazing paintings or sing like an angel, and someone’s just got “gifted hands” and create sensational quality products like ordinary furniture, fully-equipped tent trailers, carpentry masterpieces or even “artist built” packages for pasta.

If you just cook well and happy to share a lot of cool recipes from European or Asian cuisine, you’re also a master, and your talent is worth to be appreciated.

In this post I’m not going to speak on DIYs, because they differ depending on personal preferences. This is why various people can create the same things in a different manner which causes disagreements and disputes. In addition, not all do-it-yourselfers are professionals in their certain niche. Most of the times they are amateurs, so doing arts and crafts is their hobby.

Today I’m going to share some head-turning videos I’ve hand-picked for you, guys, to let you learn a bit more of casual things you probably use in everyday life but never wondered how they are made.

Personally for me, these videos are very intriguing, and I hope they will become the reason to stuck and enjoy for you as well. Words are useless, just watch!

1. Cars

Cold steel is shaped to be properly welded and painted to the customer taste. Robots assemble the parts, add engine and brake oils and mount the seats into the car interior, while people test the cars at the final stage of assembly to make sure the car runs smoothly. Skilled professionals are used to make motor masterpieces as easily as if they make lunch. Just watch and share my admiration!

2. Dolls

Gifted hands of a master sew the bodysuits decorating them with small golden beads and ribbons. Doll faces are brightened with makeup and awesome lashes… Fingernails and toenails lacquer is applied very diligently. Beauty is being made. See and be delighted!

3. Cheese

Rivers of whole cow milk flow within the milk pans to be pasteurized and mixed with cultures and rennet and then be transformed into huge mountains of curd. Cutting, shaping and storing cheese in wooden boxes to mature – all of this is a capturing process. You will definitely like it!

4. Bricks

Mixing the clay to crush it and remove metal, pairing clay and water, compressing and extrusion, texturising, cutting into columns, drying, firing in kilns and cooling to transport – all of these alluring processes are shown in this video on bricks making. Just see and learn!

5. Ice-Cream

Ice-cream in small buckets and waffle cones is made very diligently. Smooth and frosty creamy-textured milky mixture is dropped to the cones and preprinted cardboard cartons by automatic filling machines, this looks amazing and tender. Admire it now!

6. Face Cream

Cocoa butter, aloe vera gel, honey, glycerin oil, natural beeswax, essential oil, rose water, and vitamin E oil are mixed together with clean water to be heated, blended and then cooled to transform into a face cream. Enjoy!

7. Marble Implosion

Glass changes its shape being affected by heat… We observe the lapidary work of a master clipping on the decorative elements and heating them to condense and implode design. Shape is refined with graphite marble mold and then glass is frame polished. This is really fascinating.

8. Peanut Butter Marshmallow Brownies

This step-by-step recipe is worth to watch and remember: melting butter and chocolate; sugar and marshmallow pieces baked and fastened together in a baking tin; rice-cereal with pieces of chocolate bar and peanut butter are refrigerated to transform into tempting brownies. Just watch this!

9. A Silk Painting

This video shows the recreation of a figure from a Chinese painting in gongbi style. The style is defined by meticulous brushwork and highly colored palettes. A master makes the ink and creates a full-size line-drawing – the huagao. The complicated step-by-step process of creation should be attentively watched to make it clear, so just watch.

10. Trucks and Trailers

The production of rigid dump semitrailers is started from making the base frame with king pin – you can see how all the welding works are made. You will also see how the frame is blasted with sand, how trailer body is made and assembled, how it is painted and prepared for transportation. Concerted efforts of experts bring perfect results. Look at this!

So I hope I’ve managed to surprise you and get you feel inspired. This is a kind of a Friday gift for your aesthetic pleasure. Hope you like it.

Melany H.