Magnificent Videos to Relax During a Dinner Break Magnificent Videos to Relax During a Dinner Break

7 Magnificent Videos to Relax During a Dinner Break

Hi, friends! To nourish the summer ambiance I’m offering you to watch these relaxing and beautiful videos that show the charm of the forest, the loveliness of the seaside, majesty of mountains and glory of the sky.

I hope these videos will bring you some 10 minutes of joy and abstraction to help you take a rest during a dinner break. Enjoy!

Seaside Timelapse With Candyd Music

Admire the sea spuming with waves during the windy weather. The sky is grey before the rain and the sea is really spellbinding here.

FPV Quadcopter Cool Short Video in Seaside NJ 2

The quadcopter has captured the beach from the bird’s eye panorama. Beautiful landscapes of the city, houses, green trees and nature near the ocean look really amazing.

RELAX (Short Summer Edit)

This video shows the sailing ships, forests from above, and a man making the somersaults on the grass beside the house. You will see pictures of beautiful nature and listen to great music.

Short Beach Video

And this footage will bring you the sound of waves and an amazing exotic beach near the ocean with warm yellow sand, a palm, and a swing hanging from the palm tree.

The Forest – Short Film

This video will show you the forest as it is. It will bring you the rains, green leaves, the sun shining between the branches, a lake, birds, crowns of the trees and more awesome landscapes.

Blue Mountains | Short Cinematic Video

This video shows the mountains covered with forests, the sky with the crowns of the trees, mountain roads, waterfalls, and adventurous people.

Short Meditation Music – 3 Minute Relaxation, Calming

And this is the meditation music which is followed by the eye-catching views of the sunset, stones, sea, silhouettes of people against the background of dawn and beautiful sky.

Hope this small collection is going to bring you some fun during your working day.