Promote Your Blog Main Tips to Gain Better Traffic Promote Your Blog Main Tips to Gain Better Traffic

Promote Your Blog: Main Tips to Gain Better Traffic

We’ve been talking a lot about blogging, and recently we’ve promised you to speak a bit on the modern methods of blog promotion. We all know the basics of blog promotion which includes social media, good SEO, email newsletters to subscribers, quality content, referrals, automated content pushes, and some more. However, there are much more opportunities to make your blog a widely recognized one and gain better traffic.

We will speak of the 5 most effective techniques that are going to help you increase the engagement and make your blog more popular. Let’s discuss them!

1. Up-Vote Communities and Aggregate Websites

Aggregate websites are really effective recourses which allow finding lots of information from a number of sources and a great amount of different topics. You can either share your own content or share some exciting stuff of other people in your niche. This way you help your community with their content promotion and encourage them to help you too.

The up-vote resources allow the website users to express their opinion of the quality of a certain website, they vote and their voices define whether the website is good, bad or requires some improvement. Such resource allows to evaluate your content and improve its quality if necessary.

Some of the websites to use here:

  • Reddit (A social news aggregation resource);
  • Product Hunt (a website for sharing and discovering new products);
  • Triberr (marketing automation suite), and some more.

2. Republishing

A great thing today is to give new life to your older posts and get more traffic. If you’ve got some old content buried in the depth of your blog, there’s no guarantee that new users are going to find it as frequently as other users did when it was fresh.

Some of your old posts received a lot of traffic and were pretty popular once they were published. But if a user finds such post in Google and sees it is outdated, they probably wouldn’t trust the information represented in this post. Someone, though, don’t look at the date of publishing (it depends on the topic of the post), but if you update your old popular post, this is sure to improve its ranking in Google.

If you update your old yet high-performing evergreen posts, you extend the life of your best blog content and allow your blog improve the results it goes on to achieve over time.

How to update a post? It is easier than to create a new one. Just check out your links and replace the invalid links with new relevant ones, add some up-to-date information, replace the images (if there are some), probably add some new diagrams, and of course put a new date before publishing.

3. Answer Questions at Forums

Solving problems of your target audience is a good method to win their trust. People ask questions in the niche related forums and wait for experts to help them solve their problems as quickly as possible.

Such forums are a good chance for a blogger to provide expert’s advice, get an opportunity to find new useful connections and of course share links to your blog and find new visitors. You can either use some common blogs like Quora or find niche specific websites. When answering someone’s question, be careful with placing the links, they should be relevant to the context of your message. Otherwise, your answer can be identified as spam.

Use this “intitle:forum” + [your niche keyword] algorithm to look for a niche-specific forum in Google.

4. Collaborate With Influencers to Get Killer Quotes

Before your new post goes live, find a worthy influencer in your industry and ask them if they wish to provide a point of view. After that you can put a quote in your blog post together with the link to the influencer’s website or his/her social media account.

Once the post is published, contact this influencer by email, share the link to your published content and ask them to share this link in their social media account or include it in their email newsletter. This works like a cross-promotion: you promote the website of an influencer by placing the link to his/her website into your post with a quote, and the influencer, in their turn, promotes your content in their social media.

There is a useful resource called BuzzStream. You just fill in the information about a certain niche and you get plenty of contacts of people in those niches. You can contact any chosen persons by email or in social media and ask for quotes for your blog post topics or any other content.

This method of promotion allows to:

  • Get exposure to new target audience;
  • Make your content more reputable and relevant because you associate it with the influencer in your industry;
  • Gain more traffic and better recognition.

5. Remarketing and Paid-For Promotion

Paid promotion includes a lot of methods focused on making your blog recognized in your community and growing your traffic. Remarketing or retargeting is one of the methods used in this case. Ads are shown to people that have already visited your website, so you re-engage your target audience again and again.

This method keeps visitors coming back to your website, so they can learn your content in detail and become your subscribers as well as your future loyal customers.


Please leave your suggestions as for this post, and any other related ideas you probably want to share with us. You are always welcome!