Top Goggles Secrets You Havent Probably Heard Of Top Goggles Secrets You Havent Probably Heard Of

Top Google’s Secrets You Haven’t Probably Heard Of

Google is an omnipresent company and the most widely used search engine across the globe. You can ask Google any question you want, and you will undoubtedly receive the answer in a few moments, no matter what you ask and what you want to learn.

Very fewer people know some of Google’s secrets that both help to resolve the problem of spending leisure, have fun and even solve dilemmas. Let’s see what they are.

1. Zerg Rush

This search query evokes a gang of small circles destroying the search results page by erasing the results one by one. The page is going to be absolutely clean after all.

2. Toss a Coin

Sometimes people throw a coin if they have doubt on how to behave in a certain situation. If you have no idea on what to decide and how to make something right, toss a coin with the help of Google, this search query makes it right.

3. Roll the Dice

People use dice to play games and tell fortunes. Google allows to play the dice right on the search results page by inserting the “Roll the Dice” search query.

4. Page Skew

To see the skewed Google search results page, enter the Askew search query and see what you get.

5. Google Gravity

To see the impact of gravity on Google’s icons, enter Google Gravity in the search field and see the result. All the fallen elements can be easily moved from place to place.

6. Do a Barrel Roll

“Do a barrel roll” search query entered in the search bar will make a search results page spin on 360 degrees.

7. Google Orbit

Enter the “Google Orbit” search query in the search bar and rotate the elements on a page with the search results using your mouse.

8. Atari Breakout

This game appears in the image search results by entering the “Atari Breakout” search query. Use a ball to break the bricks and spend good time playing the game during your leisure.

9. Running T-Rex Dinosaur Offline Game

When your internet connection is absent, you can play Google’s T-Rex runner game. This dinosaur jumps over the cacti on his way and wins the scores.

10. Google Pacman

This is the old game which you can play after entering “Google Pacman” search query in the search bar.

So go ahead and try all of those Google’s secrets in practice. Have fun!