Cool iOS and Android Apps to Kill Time and Have Fun Cool iOS and Android Apps to Kill Time and Have Fun

Cool iOS and Android Apps to Kill Time and Have Fun

This is a collection of iOS- and Android-based apps you’ve probably heard of and used or never heard of but should try. They will become great solutions for spending your leisure in a very productive way or killing time when you have to wait at the airport or bus station.

The collection includes games, a food ordering app, an eBook reader, a step counter, a movie maker, a hands-free notepad, a face correction app, some music apps, and much more. Enjoy!

iOS Apps

At Your Gate

At Your Gate is a food delivery app for iOS which allows you to order food in restaurants and stores in the airport while you are waiting for your plane. The food will be brought to your location at the airport, just browse the items, select the one you want, and pay for it quickly and securely. Currently, the app is available at San Diego International Airport and Newark Liberty International Airport.


Drafts is an app that allows us to make quick notes hands-free with the help of dictation. Just use your voice and words to capture thoughts and then share them with anyone you want. You can also ask Siri to make a note using Drafts. This app is good for recording reminders not to forget important things. Custom fonts and control over spacing, line height, and margins, as well as other interface adjustments, are available.


Netflix is a great app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch focused on providing you with the most popular TV shows and movies to watch. It allows to create up to five profiles for an account, gives a safe watching experience for children, offers you the best recommendations based on the shows you usually watch, and allows you to download titles to your mobile device to watch anything offline.

Apple Music

Apple Music gives you unlimited and boundless access to millions of tracks and your entire library of music. No irritating ads. The app is compatible with the iTunes library, so you can enrich your collection of songs from the app’s catalog. It includes stream over 50 million songs, allows you to create your own playlists, save cellular data, and take your music anywhere you want.


FaceApp is an amazing app available both for iOS and Android. It will change your hairstyle, hair color, choose a haircut, help you become younger or older, add a beard, glasses, sunglasses, bangs, add a smile, a sad facial expression, become a brunette or a blond, change the eye color, add makeup, make gender swaps and see how you look if you are a woman or a man or vice versa. You can save and share the result instantly in any social media or messenger.

Android Apps

Angry Birds Classic

Angry Birds is a well-known game for Android devices. Birds retaliate against the greedy hogs that have stolen their eggs. Each bird has unique power you can use to fight with pigs and destroy their defense works. Features of the game are such as the physics-based gameplay, a tremendous amount of time for replay, 15 original episodes, over 680 levels, Mightly League for competing with other players, gaining strength with powerups, and more.

My Talking Angela

My Talking Angela is an Android-based virtual pet game that allows you to adopt and grow a baby kitten on your mobile phone. Use the app to bathe your kitten, decorate her home, feed her, grow her up to make her beautiful and healthy. The kitten will become your best friend because you’ll be able to dance, play mini-games, check out her amazing dance studio, go shopping to buy a handsome dress and shoes, and have fun together.

StoryZ Photo Motion & Video Maker

StoryZ Photo Motion and Video Maker app helps to use static images for creating a video and transforming them into your custom movie to tell your story. This is a unique way to make a motion photo art and share it with your friends. It includes a photo animation suite that will bring joy both to expert photographers and amateurs. Multiple layers of video, effects, overlays support, direction pointers, amazing animation effects, and more features are available.

Step Counter – Pedometer Free & Calorie Counter

Step Counter comes with the integrated sensor which counts your steps without any GPS tracking which is good for saving your battery. Together with the steps, the app can track your burnt calories as well as a walking distance and time. You can view all the results of the tracking displayed in graphs. The app requires no sign-in and comes with the possibility to count steps with the locked screen, with the phone in a pocket, bag, or anywhere else.

Cool Reader

Cool Reader is an eBook reader app supporting different formats like (non-DRM), FB2, DOC, TXT, RTF, HTML, CHM, TCR, PDB, PRC, Mobi (non-DRM), and PML. It comes with a lot of features including page flipping animation, table of contents, bookmarks and text search, an integrated file browser, quick recent books access, the possibility to export bookmarks to a text file, online catalogs support, text to speech support, FB2 format support with styles, tables and footnotes, and much more.

Spend your time with fun and productivity. We are always there for you and happy to help to find the best solutions for your work and leisure.