Best Abstract and Vivid Videos to Relieve Your Stress Best Abstract and Vivid Videos to Relieve Your Stress

Best Abstract and Vivid Videos to Relieve Your Stress

Hi, guys!

I’m sure you will adore the following fascinating collection of Vimeo and YouTube videos created to help you switch off from the vanity, relieve your stress, take a rest from the hard work, and just enjoy.

I guess words are useless here, just watch and leave your impressions in the comments. It is well worth it. Have fun!


Tender, pure, and huge rainbow-colored soap bubbles are slowly flying right before your eyes. People create beautiful big bubbles fitting well into the harmony of nature, complementing the stunning landscapes, magnificent sunset, and enchanting looks of green grass, blue sea, and warm beach sands. Enjoy!

Naidad Test 004

This video shows the viscosity of different fluids pouring down. Dirty and oiled water, acrylic paint, and liquid gray iron are pouring from the invisible pitcher and cover the silhouette of the transparent man – all of this creates a fascinating and satisfying scene for your stress relief.

All liquids are colored into several blue and yellow tones with orange, white and light-blue glares. I guess it’s awesome.

Red Dragon Pastry

Nuts are spilled around the table and grind together with eggs and flour; the puffy dough is cut and transformed into beautiful molds – crispy frames for pastries are ready. Cheese, lemon, butter, and raspberries get together to become a splendid ensemble of taste and beauty.

A pastry tube squeezes the ethereal dairy cream circle wise to complete this ingenious confectionary composition looking like an absolute masterpiece.

Black Liquid

A black glazy sphere is flying in the air, and suddenly it falls into a multitude of smaller spheres spinning around. Those spheres connect together again and create a single sphere which is covered by a crowd of very little spheres and hides the big one to disjoin again.

A big sphere is distorted to produce a bunch of similar spheres and then the black liquid is pouring to push away from the dash of the sphere again and again. The liquid encircles the sphere to create the shape of Saturn and then the sphere breaks into pieces and shatters… Just watch!

Liquid Calligraphy

Hoarfrost-and-flame-crafted letters just disappear as if they melt and then they are burnt as easily as they appear. Is that snow, water, fire, cream, paint, ash, or glost? No one knows for sure ‘cause all of this is up to your imagination.

‘I’ve-gone-away-art-o-jietamo’ or ‘lietamo’– the inscription says something like this. Probably I am wrong, so please leave your variants in the comments. Maybe you will be more successful in deciphering this video. 🙂

1 Ingredient SLIME! No Glue, Without Borax

This is a completely vivid video that is made as a DIY on making slime from the bubble gum, water, and food coloring. A great moment is when the gums fall into the glass creating a clangorous sound.

Boiling-hot water is being poured into the glass to malform the gums and make them easy to squash. Then the author washes the ready slime with the influent water and adds a food coloring to make it pink. Now it’s time to squash the ready slime in the hand and relieve stress.

The Black Hole Technique – Acrylic Fluid Art Painting

The snowy-white sheet of paper is covered with black paint with the help of a brush. Orange, yellow, light blue, pink, green, and black acrylic paints are mixed in the glass by the master. Black acrylic paint is pouring down to the black sheet of paper. This black rounded stain is surrounded circle wise by the white pouring paint which almost dies away with the foundation of black canvas.

After that, the fixed colorful paints in the glass are poured down on a black acrylic stain. Each color is poured down one by one creating the colorful circle which looks like an abyss. The black paint is poured to the center of a circle to create a kind of a black hole. When the canvas is moved by the master to different sides, the paints are being dispersed around and this makes the picture look like a real piece of art. This is an easy and ingenious art. Just watch!

Water Freezing On Dry Ice

A drop of water is placed on a square piece of dry ice. Then the process of freezing the water is shown 15x faster than it actually happens in life. The drop is gradually freezing being transformed from the transparent into a completely white one.

In the end, this water drop looks like a meringue. This aerial kiss looks as if it is just baked on the dripping-pan, so this is what nature creates without any skills of a pastry chef.

Anti-Stress Ball vs Hydraulic Press

I really like squishy stress balls which are also called the anti-stress foam balls. These colorful round toys are made from the closed-cell polyurethane foam rubber which is inserted into the mesh made with a lot of cells. So when you squash such a ball in your hand, the rubber is squeezing through the cells creating the loose grasses of bubbles – this process helps to relieve stress.

In this video, the squishy balls are pressed by the hydraulic pressing tool. This is a satisfactory scene that shows how the stress balls are malformed by the press.

Big Anti-Stress Ball vs Hydraulic Press

This video shows a big stress ball undergoing pressure twice. When it is first squeezed by the hydraulic press, it stays almost undamaged except for the mesh, but when it is pressed twice, it is significantly malformed, so big pieces of rubber come out from under the press. All of this creates a showy and satisfactory scene.

Hope this was a relief.

Melany H.