Most Impressive Videos Folks Will Be Addicted to Watching Most Impressive Videos Folks Will Be Addicted to Watching

Most Impressive Videos Folks Will Be Addicted to Watching

Web is one of not numerous places where people get stuck for hours, days and years. This is one of the most toxic addictions, where folks can find a lot of ways to stick for ages and watch, read, communicate, write, and spend time only in this wide virtual world.

Some of the following videos are going to make you stuck, others are not. But nevertheless all of them will be really exciting to watch.

1. Caramel Splash and Almonds

Such videos are often sold on the stock markets with footage which is bought for ads on TV and official websites of some sweets and chocolate providers. This video shows how caramel is getting mixed with almonds and creates the splash of taste. It looks really stucky.

2. Making an Organic Artisan Soap

Thi video shows the beauty of people’s talent, so when you watch it you feel surprised and admired with the mastery of this artisan who has “golden” hands. He creates something really unusual and very impressive. This is a hand-made soap with lavender, and the process of its creation is shown here.

3. Calligraphy

In Greek language calligraphy means beautiful writing. Calligraphy is known as an ancient writing technique which supposes using flat edged pens for crafting artistic lettering with thick and thin lines depending on the direction of the stroke. See this video and get stuck!

4. Motion Graphics

This video includes flying 3d objects, geometrical figures, chaging shapes, hearts, matches, air balloons, running sporty people – and all of that is mixed in a harmony of unison and balance, in dynamics and motion.

5. Things Under Pressure

A master puts a piece of clay into a special pressing tool, closes the lid and… The clay starts to transform into a few piles of ceramics. This looks really exciting.

Are there any other videos you are able to watch again and again? Please share what do you like to get stuck in?