The Coolest Free and Premium Page Loading Animations for Your Various Sites The Coolest Free and Premium Page Loading Animations for Your Various Sites

The Coolest Free and Premium Page Loading Animations for Your Various Sites

Our today’s collection of website preloading animations contains free and premium spinners, 3-dimensional objects, horizontal bars, and some other miscellaneous loaders. Browse the following cool animations to use for your website.

When opting for a free preloader variant, copy the HTML code and paste it into your website’s index.html just under the body tag. After that, add the CSS code to your stylesheet.

If you take a premium preloader kit, you can get more than 30 loaders in one pack and pick the one which suits you the best or even change the loaders from time to time as per your desire.

So let’s take a look!

Free Preloaders

The Cube Preloader

This loader consists of 4 small cubes which unfold and decompose in the form of one big cube. This motion is pretty exciting to watch.

Color Dots Loader

A colorful dot pulses while transforming into another colorful dot. Different colors exchange each other, so you’ll see the light-green, light-blue, yellow, crimson, and more colors in this loader.

Hand Animation Loader

This preloader looks like a hand taping over the table with its fingers. An original and interesting preloader.

Flying Ribbon Preloader

This loader looks like an inverted ‘Z’ letter made in the form of a spiral which is being written from up to down. An uncommon and good-looking preloader.

Poker Preloader

This preloader consists of 4 colorful dots including green, blue, red, and orange ones. They create a colorful square form while appearing and disappearing from time to time.

Origami Hexagon Preloader

This loader looks like a red hexagon that unfolds and decomposes into 6 triangles from time to time. A nice animation.

Atom Animation Loader

This is another great animation which is made in the form of an atom. This moving atom is going to become a cool preloader for your website.

Dot Dot Dot

Three light-blue dots are jumping in sequence and create motion that captures the attention of a user when they wait until a website loads.

Premium Loaders

Page Preloaders – jQuery Plugin with Preload Animations

This jQuery plugin brings the possibility of adding animation or logo preloader to the pages of your website. Preloaders entertain your user and make the page loading fun. You will find beautiful spinners, rotating logos, and much more.

Collection of Preloaders

This is a set of modern CSS3 animations for preloaders. All animations are smooth and clean, they include beautiful spinners, pulsing dots, clocks, smileys, pendulums, and more.

Well, we hope you like the collection and you’ll choose some really cool loaders for your website pages.