Spectacular WordPress Theme Collections We Like and Recommend Spectacular WordPress Theme Collections We Like and Recommend

20 Spectacular WordPress Theme Collections (300+ Themes) We Like and Recommend

For more than 2 years we’ve been providing you with the best hand-picked collections of high quality free and premium WordPress themes for a wide variety of purposes. Today we’ve resolved to select the most awesome theme bunches we are proud of the most. All of them are highly customizable, so you can feel free to edit every pre-defined home or inner page template to showcase and introduce your any business, activity, creation or institution.

The early theme collections include both free and premium WP templates designed to help you build your website without any coding. You’ll find the modern collections dedicated to physical and mental health, spa and beauty, kids, vintage style, restaurants, phone and computer repair, movies, jewelry, directory and listing, helpdesk and knowledge base, hats and caps, gardening and landscaping, tattoo and piercing, business and finance, logistics and cargo, as well as many more purposes.

So enjoy this tremendous compilation and pick your best WordPress theme ever!

15 Multipurpose WP Templates for a Multitude of Projects

This is one of our first theme collections including free and premium multi-concept templates available with a number of homepage demos and suited for a plethora of intentions. You’ll find the themes for pet-care services, fashion, online magazines, hairdressers, business, online stores, agencies, chocolateries, and much more.

Kids and Children WordPress Themes

One more cool and bright kids and children oriented WP theme collection containing the themes for kindergartens, summer camps, scout organizations, children’s sport clubs, schools, colleges, nurseries and charity establishments. Be sure to browse the bundle to find the perfect template for your needs.

Best Life Coach WordPress Themes for Psychologists and Personal Trainers

This awesome collection of WordPress themes includes the templates for life and health coaches, psychologists, psychiatrists, public speakers, writers, mentors, therapists, trainers, and other individuals who help people live their happy life and always feel healthy while having the sound mind in the sound body.

Best Selling Day Spa and Hot Tub WordPress Themes

This splendid WordPress themes bundle consists of beautiful and functional day spa, hot tub, sun tan, massage, hair care, skin care, nail care, wellness spa, and many more related salons and studios that want to create their worthy presence on the Web. Pick your one and enjoy!

20 Helpdesk, Support Forum and Knowledge Base WordPress Themes

This comprehensive WordPress themes collection boasts a great number of templates especially designed for knowledge base and helpdesk sites where users find the required documentation or FAQ on a certain product. Take your time to browse the collection and find your best theme required.

Gorgeous Retro and Vintage WordPress Themes – Premium Collection

This posh bundle of WP themes consists of top-notch retro and vintage templates which will be quite appropriate for wedding sites, pubs or bars, creative agencies, coffee houses, tattoo parlors, churches, fashion stores, restaurants, and much more. If you want to make your site in vintage style, this collection has you covered.

15 Restaurant, Cafe and Dining WordPress Themes for Gourmets and Cooks

And this beautiful bunch of WP themes has something to impress you. Here you’ll find the templates for chic restaurants, different cuisines, bistros, pizzerias, bars, cafes, pubs, confectioneries, canteens, dining rooms, cook shops, recipes websites, and many more related purposes. Review the themes and take the one you like the most.

Directory and Listing WordPress Themes to Find Cool Spots in Any Location

This extensive collection of WordPress themes comes with a hand-picked number of templates for directory and listing websites with front-end submission functionality. So take the best theme to make your business and earn. Your customers will be able both to submit a cool spot on a paid-for basis and find the required place using the search functionality.

The Best Selling WordPress Themes in 2018

This bunch includes the selective WP themes which were very popular during the last year and are still recognized by a lot of customers. Here you’ll find the templates for spa salons, hairdressers and stylists, digital agencies, photographers, traveling blogs, newspapers and magazines, yoga studios, and much more. All templates are designed for multiple concepts.

Sweets and Hot Cuisine WordPress Themes for Restaurants and Cafes

This beautiful WordPress themes collection includes the designs suitable for bakeries, cakeries, confectioneries, coffee houses, chocolateries, restaurants, cafes, and many more public catering establishments. Be sure to find and take the most feature-rich template which suits your business needs.

Art and Culture WordPress Themes for Theatres, Museums, and More

This exquisite collection of WP templates consists of the designs specially crafted for museums, art and picture galleries, concerts, artists, photography, theaters, cinemas, actors, ballet, opera, body art, face art, painters, and many more related creatives and purposes. Take a look, enjoy and pick your most uncommon and eye-catching template ever!

Health and Medical WordPress Themes for Private Clinics and Public Hospitals

This cool WordPress themes stack includes perfectly designed templates for private clinics, public hospitals, policlinics, doctors, therapists, sanatoriums, surgeries, dental policlinics, medical hospice centers, infirmaries, plastic surgery, and more related institutions from the medical industry. Take a look!

Logistics, Cargo and Freight Forwarding WordPress Themes for Transportation Companies

And this great WordPress themes collection is devoted to logistics and transportation services. So if you own a business focused on international or local delivery of goods, freight forwarding, cargo supply, global merchant fleet, shipping goods in bulk, cargo carriers, etc., then this bunch of templates is sure to have you covered.

25+ Phone and Computer Repair WordPress Themes – Freshest Bundle 2018

If you run a business focused on fixing cellphones and computer repair services, then this collection of WordPress themes is made especially for you. It includes the themes intended for laptop and PC repair, mobile phones repair, selling replacement parts and accessories, as well as other related services. Take your time to check out this collection now.

20 Jewelry WordPress Themes for Lapidary Stores 2019

This gorgeous collection of WordPress themes is devoted to lapidary stores selling necklaces, earrings, rings, diamonds, jewels, accessories, watches, and other jewelry products online and offline. You’ll find the templates made either in dark or light color schemes, so you’ll be able to find the best theme variant to your taste. Enjoy!

Elementor Based WordPress Themes for Varied Purposes

This Elementor front-end page builder based collection includes the WordPress templates dedicated to podcasting and music, personal portfolios, blogs and magazines, street food, cafes and restaurants, quest games, hosting and domain, digital agencies, city government, and many more various purposes. Browse the bunch to find what you were looking for.

Tea and Coffee WordPress Themes for Coffee Houses and Tea Shops

And this cozy and beautiful bundle is devoted to tea and coffee WordPress themes. You will find the templates for tea houses, coffee shops, baristas, coffee makers and coffee lovers, tea and coffee online stores, tea production, paper and ceramic cups selling, as well as a lot more related intentions. Please take a look!

Hats, Caps and Accessories WordPress WooCommerce Themes for Fashion Stores

One more cool bundle is composed for you to find the WordPress template to create a store selling caps, hats, boonie hats, bucket hats, sunhats, or any accessories. Be sure to browse the collection if you’d like to select the best online shop theme for your WP WooCommerce based store on the Web.

Business Consulting and Finance WordPress Themes for Modern Entrepreneurs 2019

If you are looking for a perfect business WordPress theme, this bundle is here for you. You’ll be able to find the cutting-edge financial, consulting, agency, commercial, corporate, small business, lawyer, architector, startup, digital agency, web developer, or other business oriented themes to create a strong online presence without any hassle.

25+ Movie and Cinema WordPress Themes for Film Fans

This awesome collection includes the WordPress themes for TV and film industry including the ones for directors, movies promotion, movie and film studios, cinemas, film production, TV shows, stage managers, film festivals, cinema tickets sales, film makers, film stars, actors, video portfolios, film series, and many more movie oriented websites. Take a look!

Gardening and Landscaping WordPress Themes for Spring 2019

This is a fresh collection of WordPress templates designed for gardeners, landscapers, agriculture, organic food, farmers, landscape architects, lawn mowers, groundskeepers, florists, ecology protection, firewood production, lumberjacks, irrigation, branches clearing, seeds cultivation, tree surgery, bush maintenance, horticulture, grass seeding, branch chipping, creative planting, and much more.

20+ Dotwork, Blackwork and Aquarelle Style Tattoo WordPress Themes for Tattoo Parlors and Artists

And one more magnificent bundle of WordPress themes is hand-picked to provide you with the best templates on the art of tattoo. You will find the designs for tattoo parlors, piercing studios, tattoo salons and studios, tattoo and ink shops, and many more related websites. Hope you’ll be happy and satisfied with the collection and you’ll find the template you want.

We go on providing you with the most beautiful and quality free and premium WordPress themes and we hope you stay tuned to get more updates in the closest future. Thank you for being with us for all of these years! We are always there for you.