Freshest SEO Plugins for WordPress Improve Your Search Rankings Freshest SEO Plugins for WordPress Improve Your Search Rankings

Freshest SEO Plugins for WordPress – Improve Your Search Rankings

We regularly share the latest SEO solutions to keep you aware of up-to-date information as to the best methods for your website optimization. If you apply the latest SEO techniques to increase your online reach, you can be sure your traffic is going to grow day after day.

Here is a bunch of WordPress plugins developed especially for your website’s SEO optimization and improving search results. Using these plugins you’ll be able to create comprehensive snippets, generate the keywords for any subject, create unique content, etc. Enjoy!

Automatic Content Linker

Automatic Content Linker is an SEO plugin for WordPress and it is a great solution for automatic internal and external link building. You won’t have to insert any links in your post editor by hand, all is done by the plugin itself.

Configure the solution to allow it to generate internal links like tags and categories as well as create external links like custom ones. it can also follow specific exclusion formulas. Just install and activate the plugin to easily set it up and start working.


  • Gutenberg compatibility;
  • tested with English characters;
  • ease of use;

and more.

Local Business Schema

This plugin allows for improving your local SEO in Sort Time, Google Map, and Google My Business page. Use it to boost your sales, get more calls from customers, and more visits to your store. The solution provides structured data and schema to improve your SEO.

Structured data is important to add context to your website content with the help of the systemized search engine glossary at If this data is implemented the right way, you get more chances that the search engines will immediately show additional information about your website’s content on the SERPs.


  • business name, logo, address, and working hours;
  • contact details;
  • social profile links;

and more.

Event Schema for WordPress

There is a general event structured data markup tool that helps every business get started with structured information. It helps Google to better understand the content of your website. This content can be included in Knowledge Graph panels or Google Now cards. And this will increase the visibility of your business for online users.

If you are planning an event and want to share it with your users on your website, this plugin will help you create a short summary of your event page in Google search results. So your event will be displayed in a convenient format allowing your users to learn the event name, location, date, ticket, price, and more important data.


  • name of the event;
  • an image/photo;
  • location name;
  • location street address;

and more.

Advanced SEO Bundle

Links play a significant role in SEO optimization, so it’s important to link to trusted resources as well as accept only relevant links. Internal and external linking influences the way how search spiders rank your website as well as impact your website’s reputation.

This SEO bundle includes the possibility to manage interlinks, autolinks, hreflangs, and hreflang flags. For instance, using autolinks strategy allows your website to get more visits as well as more traffic and popularity. Many more features are also available in the pack.


  • internal links analysis with exportable statistics;
  • link juice analysis with exportable statistics;
  • internal links suggestions (Interlinks Manager);
  • automatic internal links (Interlinks Manager);

and more.

Text Spinner: Article Rewriter

Unique content is one of the most important aspects that should be available on a perfectly SEO-optimized website. Hiring a professional text writer is not always possible for a newbie website owner; and not every website owner will have enough time to create content by themselves.

Fortunately, there is a plugin that is able to rewrite any text with alternative sentences through machine learning algorithms. This is an artificial intelligence solution that will automatically spin your posts as well as create totally unique content.


  • auto-spinner;
  • multiple variations of an article;
  • manual spin feature for old posts;

and more.

Google Related Keywords Generator – SEO Keyword Planner & Tool

Sometimes you need to create a list of keywords to use when writing an SEO article for your website. Of course, it would be great to select only those keywords and key phrases that are the most popular in Google. This will increase the chances that your web page will be easier to find.

SEO Keyword Planner & Tool allows creating the related key phrases for every certain word or subject. You just insert the tag keyword, optionally define the tag limit and tag locate code and then you can generate the related keywords for this tag. You can get keyword ideas with the Google Related Keywords Generator and create SEO texts aimed at your target customers. The plugin works with Google Suggest Relevance API.


  • 100% result guarantee;
  • easy keyword generation;
  • multilingual feature;

and more.

Blocker Firewall – WordPress Security Plugin

Do you know what is a bounce rate? Actually, this is the percentage of real users that left your website right on your homepage or viewed just a single page instead of browsing your other content for a longer time. This rate depends on many factors, though it is possible to reduce this rate by preventing fake users and spammers from visiting your website.

Fakes, malicious, or spam visitors won’t create a good traffic rate for your website, so this firewall plugin prevents unfavorable users from visiting your website, as well as blocks spam Google Analytics Referrer bots.


  • HTTrack, WPScan, and similar malicious bots blocking;
  • malicious email registrations and comments blocking;
  • easy translation feature;

and more.

Keyword Linking for WordPress

Linking is something that is really essential for good SEO. Sometimes you need to link the same keywords in many different pieces of content but making it manually will be a time-consuming task.

This dynamic autolink plugin will help you manage keywords and link them on your website. You can create the keywords with the information containing a keyword, link URL, tooltip, target, excluded tags, and keyword frequency.


  • manage keywords;
  • easily update data and delete keywords;
  • simple autolinking;

and more.

One Click Optimization – WordPress Speed & Performance

Page speed and performance are important for the SEO and traffic rank of your website. A fast website has more chances to get more repeat and satisfied users as well as a very small bounce rate.

This plugin allows optimizing your website for better performance with one click. You just install it and instantly enable Google page speed insights, GTMetrix and Pingdom, browser and server caching, as well as HTML, CSS, JS, and image compression. No settings are required.


  • speed optimization for WP admin panel;
  • CPU friendly core;
  • GZip compression;
  • image optimization and lazy load feature;


Improve your SEO today and gain more repeat visitors as well as better conversion.