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1000+ WordPress Themes Reviewed by WP Daddy – Our Summary!

Dear friends! This is a kind of a summarizing post for 3 years that we’ve been working at WP Daddy to provide you with the best, freshest and most functional WordPress themes for almost all possible purposes for business, blogging, online stores, portfolios, and more.

Please browse this comprehensive collection to find a tremendous number of WP templates for photography, sports, yachting, fishing, camping, dancing, cosmetics, clothes, shoes, lingerie, jewelry, wedding, tattoos, movies, gardening, accessories, computers, apps, mobile, alcohol, sweets, cakes, coffee, barbershops, makeup, spa salons, medicine, doctors, clinics, real estate, woodwork, industrial, construction, home services, lighting, optometry, health, medicine, cleaning, janitorial, resumes, portfolios, blogs, agencies, organic products, restaurants, forums, communities, conferences, events, and many more purposes.

Enjoy and leave your impressions!

20 Spectacular WordPress Theme Collections (300+ Themes) We Like and Recommend

Here you’ll find theme collections devoted to physical and mental health, spa and beauty, kids, vintage style, restaurants, phone and computer repair, movies, jewelry, directory and listing, helpdesk and knowledge base, hats and caps, gardening and landscaping, tattoo and piercing, business and finance, logistics and cargo, as well as many more purposes.

300+ WordPress Themes Reviewed For You: WP Daddy’s Compilation

Take a look at the best hand-picked collections of WordPress themes devoted to business, photography portfolios, blog, military, wedding, tailors, fashion, cupcakes, alcohol, agency, lawyer, soccer, sports, portfolio, cleaning, restaurants, medicine, eCommerce, and many more purposes.

Italian Affogato and Cocktail WordPress Themes for Restaurants and Coffee Houses

This is a collection of WordPress themes is going to suit for coffee shops, coffee houses, restaurants, cafeterias, confectioneries, bakeries, and many more related businesses.

17+ Beer and Wine WordPress Themes for Breweries and Wine Houses

This collection of WordPress themes is devoted to beer and wine houses, breweries, vineyards, pubs, wine restaurants, beer lovers, sommeliers and wine shops.

Dairy, Farming and Organic Products WordPress Themes for Healthy Living

It’s the stack of designs dedicated to dairy and cheese production, cattle farming, milk and honey, organic products like seed, vegetables, fruits and meat, natural products of a different kind, and more related things.

Pizzas and Pizzeria WordPress Themes

And this is the collection of pizzeria WordPress themes to help you make the right choice when it comes to building a website for your cafe, pizza hut, restaurant or pub.

Car Wash and Repair WordPress Themes

This bundle of WordPress themes is suitable for car hire / rental websites, car sales, repair and garages, car wash and car cleaning services, mechanics and more.

Clothes and Shoes WordPress Themes for Fashion Stores and eCommerce Websites

These clothes and shoes WordPress themes specially designed for fashion stores can help you create a unique and functional promotional website or online store for selling clothing, boots, accessories, cosmetics, etc.

Woodwork, Roofing and Construction WordPress Themes for Skilled Masters

This is a bunch of WordPress templates devoted to woodwork masters, carpenters, handymen, plumbers and bathroom fixers, roof repair specialists, electricians, builders, and other related skilled professionals.

Non-Profit, Church and Charity WordPress Themes for Everyone Happy to Help

Here you will be able to find the themes for political parties, charities, churches, pet shelters, fundraising organizations, NGOs, and many more related institutions.

Political Campaign, Government and Municipal WordPress Themes for Local Authorities and Parties

Here you’ll find the WordPress designs which will help you promote individual candidates, manage campaigns, build comprehensive political blogs, collect donations, etc.

Best LMS Education and Teaching Courses WordPress Themes For Students and Teachers

These LMS education- and teaching courses WordPress themes are fully integrated with a learning management system which allows managing teacher and student profiles, search for courses, apply for them, create quizzes, manage events, and much more.

Technology and Digital Agency WordPress Themes for Multiple Purposes

Browse a bundle of WordPress themes designed for multiple technology-related purposes including electronics, digital solutions, nuclear and renewable energy, mobile devices, apps, agencies, startups, cryptocurrency mining, and many more businesses.

Apartment Rent and House Sales WordPress Themes for Single Property and Real Estate Websites

These real estate and single property related WordPress themes include the newest readymade designs specially crafted for agents, brokers, apartment or summer residence owners, and other folks who want to sell or buy a property and receive profit.

Lighting and Lamps WordPress Themes for Light Fixtures Stores 2019

This unique WordPress theme collection is dedicated to lamps and light fixtures which can be either offered in offline or online lighting stores out there.

Pants, Bras and Accessories WordPress Themes for Lingerie Stores 2019

This gorgeous bundle of WordPress themes is devoted to online lingerie stores. All templates are fully compatible with WooCommerce providing the shop functionality like cart, wishlist, product search, and more.

Football and Soccer WordPress Themes

This is aa collection of football and soccer WordPress themes suited for creating websites for sports, soccer sports club, baseball sport, football club, gym and fitness centers.

Yachting and Fishing WordPress Themes – Winter 2019

Take a look at this amazing collection of WordPress themes dedicated to water sports, yachting and fishing clubs as well as boat and yacht rental services.

Hiking and Camping WordPress Themes for Trips and Adventures Addicts

This collection of hiking and camping WordPress themes is going to help you make the right choice either if you want to create a website for a travel agency or just start your blog and share your impressions and adventures with the visitors.

Sports and Crossfit WordPress Themes for Magazines, Online Stores and Promotional Sites

Another cool WordPress theme collection is dedicated to sports and fitness purposes including the websites for fitness clubs or personal training classes, online sports stores or sports magazines and blogs.

Dance Studio WordPress Themes for Belly Dancers, Contemp Fans and More

Professional dance classes and studios are now getting common but still hard to find in most towns, the competency in this field is a good thing to make business. These dance studio WordPress themes are going to be helpful in creating your debut website.

Newest and Creative WordPress Themes for Blogs, Traveling, Writers, and More

These WordPress themes are designed to meet the needs of storytellers, bloggers, business owners, merchants, creatives, startuppers, and anyone else who wants to create their worthy presence of the Web.

Optometry, Optics and Glasses WordPress Themes for Your Perfect Vision

This collection of WordPress themes includes the best specimens of optometry, optics and opticians oriented templates designed for selling glasses, spectacles, sunglasses or contact lenses.

Cosmetics and Beauty WordPress Themes with Fresh and Modern Designs

Here you will find the templates with a multitude of homepage layouts you can select for building an organic food and cosmetic products store, barbershop website, beauty salon, hands and nails care guides, skincare recipes, spa studio, beauty blog, or any other beauty-oriented site.

Cleaning, Laundry and Janitorial Services WordPress Themes 2019

Here you’ll find multi-concept and comprehensive multi-homepage WordPress templates for maid and janitorial services, laundromats, washing and dry-cleaning companies, window cleaning, and more related businesses.

Kids WordPress Themes for Nurseries, Kindergartens and Babysitters

This is a collection of WordPress themes specially hand-picked to meet the needs of preschools, nurseries, kindergartens, daycare, childcare, kids stores, play area, and more kids-oriented services and businesses.

20+ Multipurpose WordPress Themes for a Huge Amount of Concepts

This comprehensive collection of WordPress themes is devoted to a huge amount of purposes including home plants, furniture, fashion, coffee, restaurant, fitness and gym, agency, cryptocurrency, VOIP, startup, charity, construction, corporate, and much more.

15 Medicine, Health and Therapy WordPress Themes for Private Medical Practice and Clinics

This collection of medical and health WordPress themes suits for private doctors, dental practice, therapeutics, surgeons, ophthalmologists, urologists, gynecologists, psychiatrists, psychologists, oncologists, orthopedics, neurosurgeons, dermatologists, pediatrics, and many more doctors with private practice and medical establishments like clinics and hospitals.

Personal vCard, CV and Resume WordPress Themes for Creative Freelancers

This is an awesome collection of WordPress themes devoted to personal resumes, vCards, CVs and portfolio pages.

Metro Style WordPress Themes for a Variety of Concepts

These WordPress themes suit for presenting your agencies, web studios, personal freelance portfolios, startups, and fit for many more purposes.

15 Photography-Oriented WordPress Themes for Studios and Creative Individuals

These WordPress templates are going to suit for wedding, fashion, realism, food, traveling, lifestyle, and more types of photographers out there.

Conference, Meeting and Event WordPress Themes for Your Perfect Promotions

Check out this event and conference focused collection of WordPress themes you can pick for your next promotional project. Take these themes for meetings, summits, special dates, gatherings, etc.

Monochrome WordPress Themes With Trendy Designs

This is a stylish collection of monochromatic-design WordPress themes suited for portfolios, blogs, photography websites, online-stores, and lots of other concepts.

Community and Forum WordPress Themes for Your Users’ Communication

This collection of WordPress themes is devoted to forums, communities, intranet and extranet, social media, memberships, online submitting websites, and more related resources.

Creative Agency WordPress Themes for Expressive Portfolios

This collection of creative and digital agency oriented WordPress themes include the demos for Saas and software businesses, ICO Crypto websites, app landing, SEO optimization services, startups, online marketing, and more related organizations.

Wedding WordPress Themes for Your Perfect Ceremony

This gorgeous collection of freshest wedding WordPress themes is specifically crafted for wedding planners, invitations, announcements, portfolios, wedding shops and ateliers, wedding jewelry and flowers, photography websites, and more related sites.

We hope you’ve had a lot of fun and you’ve found plenty of useful stuff while being our readers since 2016 and up to now. We are really thankful to all of you, dear friends! You are the best!