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An eCommerce-Friendly Update – Gutenberg 3.8.0 + WooCommerce = Finally Friends

In one of our previous posts we were reviewing the bug observed in Gutenberg 3.7.0, and this was the inability to add a WooCommerce Products Block into a post or a page. More precisely, there was no Products Block available in the blocks section, however, it worked in the front-end and was possible to be added using a shortcode.

The latest Gutenberg update 3.8.0 finally made it simple to work with Products Block in a traditional way: by adding it as a standard content block from the Widgets section.

Why is this block required? A Products Block allows to add a custom products area in Gutenberg post editor. You can either add products from your current store or import them from your other sources. This way you’ll be able to feature any bunch of products you prefer in your any post or page.

Note: In the previous Gutenberg version, you had to hover over a block and see the three vertical dots to click them and find the Delete option on the right to remove the block.

Now you should click on the block to highlight it and you will see the Remove Block option. This is a bit inconvenient.

So I’ve created a list of products and resolved to try featuring them with the new Gutenberg block.

I add a block from the Widgets section and now it’s available in the Most Used section.

As you see you are offered either to feature all products, individual products, product category or filter products by featured, on-sale, best sellers, top-rated, and some more sorting variants.

If you’ve got a lot of products and added some attributes, you can try to display your products filtering them by those attributes.

First I try to feature all products. In my case, they are the same as top-rated and best sellers because I’ve got only six of them.

When I choose displaying individual products, they aren’t shown in the dashboard, but I go to the front-end and see them live.

Here you can click the Display Different Products link and you’ll see the drop-down list with the selection of products to feature.

When opting for product categories, you’ll be able to check a few of them from the available list and then display only the selected ones.

So far this is all! But I’m hoping to make you happy with lots of exciting reviews in the closest future.

Melany H.